As the song from Gilmore Girls says “So welcome to my little corner of the world”. It’s all about me and my crafting – focusing around my love for stitching and sewing along with anything else that catches my eye. So welcome, grab a coffee and happy reading.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Completed Hydrangea

I'm very pleased to report that I finished the Hydrangea on Friday night (yay!) I'm very pleased with how it turned out so now I need to measure up Hydrangea and my Irises and get them framed and mounted. I have a feeling I will need to have frames made for both of them. We've a good little frame shop in town so I'll pop in and get a quote next time I go into town. I found it quite hard to decide on what to stitch next so I got all the threads ready for the next 4 projects. I think I'll get all the fabby ready for them too today. I'm still waiting for a thread order to come so I decided to start one of the little Disney kits and did Pluto last night. I shall back stitch him tonight and start Donald Duck. I just need to find a day time project that I can do in front of DS.

My friend has asked me to make her a handbag so I went fabric shopping for her yesterday and happened to pick up a few remnants too. The green with rose buds at the top is the fabric for Sarah-Jane's bag. I love this fabric and I will use the left overs to make a bag for me in a different style . As for the remnants, they were all less than £2. The pink checked is for a handbag and cost £1. The cream will make a great lining fabric and was 50p. The cupcake one I have ambitions to make a pram blanket for DD's play buggy. (designing in my head as we speak) The multi coloured one with the hearts and flowers and the green floral print in the middle are the only ones I have no plans for yet.

Time for the penultimate question...Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from stitching?
I Don't think I have any tips that most stitchers don't already know. I prefer to start with the loop method, I usually photocopy my charts so I can mark off on the spare copy. I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you are stitching, it is supposed to be fun after all.  
Thanks for reading and have a lovely Sunday. x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Back on track

Well the stitchy bug came home and brought the turbo needle and the frog with it so I was over run with stitchy visitors, one not quite so welcome though. I stitched a small section in the wrong colour as I'd parked the thread in in the wrong place. Despite the frog I hit my target last night (YAY!!) 300 stitches and now I feel like I'm back on track with Hydrangea. today I must write a list of the projects I need to do in the run up to Christmas to keep me organised. (I do love a list).

I can't believe I've almost finished the questions and I've enjoyed telling you all about my stitching. so here's the next one. Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides stitching? What are they, and did learning to cross stitch come before or after learning these other crafts?I've crafted for as long as I can remember. I've always made cards for birthdays and I've had a go at scrap booking too. I made a whole scrapbook for some dear friends who moved to Durham 6 years ago and then they asked me to do another for them a couple of years ago. I've only ever done a couple of pages for myself. I started making beaded jewellery about 20 years ago. That has been the main other craft hobby and this is one of my favourite pieces I've made. I made all the tiaras for my wedding too.

Necklace, earrings and bracelet made using AB finished glass beads on black findings.
Lets see if I can list everything I've had a go at...Glass painting, decoupage, knitting, quilling, fimo, pottery (for GCSE), embroidery, long stitch. There must be others but I honestly can't remember any more. I often had making kits for Christmas and that is where alot of my passing fads have started. It's been the needlepoint, paper crafts and the jewellery that have stuck. The needle work is my favourite even though Cross Stitch is something I've only been doing for 7 years. I have recently tried crochet and it's just one that repeately defeats me so I shall persevere with it. I'm enjoying the machine sewing too and I need to go fabric shopping for a bag I've been asked to make. I'm looking forward to learning to make alsorts on that.

Right time to get that list started as there is only 3 months until Christmas. Eek! Happy Crafting. x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

You gotta love new stash!!!

I'm having a bit of a stitching drought at the moment and I just can't seem to get anywhere on my Hydrangea. It's very frustrating as I really wanted to get it finished by Sunday. Hey ho that's how it goes.

I did get my Circles embroidery finished yesterday. The original design was alot smaller, so I expanded it a little as the fabric was generous. It's an Anchor living kit I brought ages ago and was in a sale. I just need to glue on the little diamantes now.

Having enjoyed the circles embroidery I was delighted to find the rest of the set that were at a price too good to refuse. I got them from Black Sheep Wools for £1.98 each. Now that's a bargain in my eyes.

Whilst browsing their website I also found these kits too at the same fab price and I shall stitch them for my son who is a huge Disney fan. he doesn't know I have brought them. My only dilemma is as they are only 2"x 2" what do I do to display them? Suggestions more than welcome!!!

I had a lovely surprise package from Laura this week to say thank you for her wedding present. I love the little brooch. Just my colour too.

Well time to see if I can coax my stitchy bug from under the sofa!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday - Hydrangea update

Good morning one and all. I hope today finds you all well. It's been a busy morning and I'm yet to crack the housework. I've been Christmas shopping this morning and to Tesco. I feel worn out all ready.

I had a fab stitchy session yesterday and did almost 400 stitches on Hy which was a really good total for me. I also managed to do a bit on my Circles embroidery and now I only have 2 circles to complete to finish it. It been a fun bit of stitching. So here is the Hydrangea as it looks now. I'm hoping for another good session on it tonight too.
Hydrangea update as of 18/9/11
I really need to order the threads I need for my next project other wise I'll be ready to start and they wont be here for me. Which leads me nicely on to todays question...
Day 27: How do you acquire most of your stash? Online retailers, local shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores? What’s your favourite?I get threads and most of my fabby from Cross Stitch Heaven as I tend to do alot of designs from magazine charts rather than kits. If I do do a kit it's usually one I've picked up when I've gone to the Hobby Craft show at the NEC (6 weeks and counting Rach!!) I do love my local shops too The Cotton Reel and Creative Hands. I use them for buttons, fabric and ribbon and also the odd skein when I'm desperate to get on with something. The staff are so helpful in both of them.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day. xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I really had to do this blog to say how overwhelmed I was with all your comments on my Owl Biscornu. I really am touched by all your kind words. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to leave me such uplifting comments. We had a lovely time at the cinema too. Secondly welcome to my new follower Butterfly. I hope you'll pop back from time to time.

My fellow blogger, the fabulously talented Lori is having a giveaway over on her blog Hippywitch crafts. You can win a beautiful crocheted witch and felt heart. I've put my name in the hat. I'm looking forward to reaching a landmark so I can have a giveaway to one of you lovely folks.

Yesterday I received my ATC's from my first bubble swap. They were two fab ones and I'm looking forward to doing the October swap. I'm thinking as its going to be halloween very close to the date of posting I might do a couple of themed ones. I have a chart for a fab spider that I've wanted to stitch for ages. 
My first ATC's recieved
Day 26: Have you ever been a part, or wanted to be a part of a stitch-a-long? What was it? If not, why?
I join in with the Bubble UFO SAL on a Monday. Its helped me get through alot of little UFO's I've had knocking about and I even conquered my fear of french knots when a bookmark I was stitching required 120 of them. I actually quite like doing them now. I'm currently working on my circles embroidery for it. next on the list is to start doing my HAED on a Monday night as I've not stitched on it for months. It might take me 2 years to get it done though just stitching it on a Monday.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by. x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

muesli musings

Well it's a damp saturday here in my corner of the world which is a bit of a shame as I am taking DS out this morning to see Day of the Diesels, the new Thomas Tank Engine film as he's somewhat obsessed with all things railway. We're taking his best friend too so should be a nice morning with lots of popcorn and maybe a Macdonalds for lunch. 

The Hydrangea is moving along slowly but surely. I do enjoy stitching it and I only have around 2100 stitches to do so I'm well on target for my end of September finish, but I really do need to hit my 300 stitches target each night in the stitchathons with the lovely Rach. I'll post an updated wip pic on Monday

My exchange partners have recieved their gifts now so here is a pic of the biscornu. It's one of my absolute favourite biscornu's that I've made. The owl on the branch is part of a design from WOXS 172 - Funky owl cards, stitched on 14ct sky blue aida and beaded with Mill Hill beads 0556. I found the owl button in House of Fraser and the flower button is from one of my local sewing shops I brought recently and popped in my button tin, knowing it would be perfect for a biscornu at some point.

Ivory's Owl biscornu

Bottom of Owl Biscornu
Day 25: Do you have a book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, wish lists? Post a picture of it!
I certainly do have a little notebook where I keep all my notes, lists ideas and thread orders. I've used it for about 3 years. It has my DMC shade card slipped in the front along with odd designs and notes. I also have the lovely stitching diary too made for me by Bubbler Chloe last year as part of a stitching diary exchange.

Stitching Diary and my Stitchy notebook
Well the sun is now shining and the sky blue so best I get ready for the day. Have a fab weekend friends. x 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday ponderings

Hello followers, I hope this Thursday finds you all well in your corner of the world. I thought I'd write a quick blog as I munch my muesli. I had a completely stitch free day yesterday as we had friends for dinner. I'm enjoying stitching the Hydrangea so much, I really missed not stitching it yesterday. I have given myself a computer time limit this morning to maximise my stitchy time.

I recieved a lovely bookmark yesterday a part of crafty lauras gift exchange on bubble from Jo. I have 3 ATC's due to come to me over the next week or so then that'll be it with the exchanges for a while whilst I catch up with birthday cards.
Bookmark from Jo
Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern? How did it turn out?I've designed a few things over the years. Sometimes it's just a new sampler layout from designs from magazines. I've designed several biscornu. One thing I did for 2 special families was to make them mini samplers for their homes. I got the idea when round at one of their houses I noticed she had several minature pictures in a row above a door frame. I knew I had some tiny wooden frames so designed a mini sampler to fit. its the first time I'd used cross stitch design software, usually I just get out the graph paper and do it like that, anyway heres one of them.

Mini Sampler
Well folks thats me for today. I'm off for a quick gander at bubble. Thanks for reading. x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hydrangea update

So last night saw me finish the leaves and stems on the Hydrangea. So here's a new WIP pic of the Hydrangea
I'm thoroughly enjoying stitching this. I find Sheila Hudson's designs a joy to stitch. This is the 3rd one of hers I've done and I have 5 more on my to do list. 

Below is a pic of me sat in my stitching corner taken a couple of nights ago. As you can see I'm all set for the night with my favourite choccie and a glass of rose.
I finished the biscornu for the gift swap and all I need to do is to sew it up, something I plan to do later today. Its a really cute owl one and I'll post a pic later in the week when it's found its way to it's new owner. I recieved my exchange gift today a very sweet tissue holder and card from my Bubble swap partner Ivory.

I'll do one question today although I'm a little behind and that is,
Day 23: If you had the supplies (and patience) for it, what project would you start today?
There are a few design on my wish list that I'd love and after my visit to the hobbycraft show hopefully I'll have a couple of them. They are blackwork designs one of a Dragon and the other two are Art Nouveau designs - one called Pink Window and the other is the Waterlily both are found here. Purely for on the patience part it would be to get some more done on my HAED.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting everyone. xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Not alot to report but I thought I'd have a catch up with my questions and see how you all are doing. welcome to my new follower passionatlypink...about time too Rach!!!
Day 20: Do you stitch in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?I'll stitch anywhere and it's not uncommon for me to stitch on the bus when I'm child free, in the park whilst watching the children play or at birthday parties my son goes to. I'm not sure how people could be offended by it, Sometimes I get little comments about it, generally people admiring it and/or my ability just to do it. It's lead to me finding out about other stitchers and crafters. The first time I took it to a kids party one of the other mums was very glad and promply got out her knitting.

Day 21: Do you stitch gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?I love to stitch for friends and family for Christmas and birthdays. I have for the last few years stitched my Hubby a dragon themed card for our wedding anniversary, my best friend Sarah gets something most birthdays even if it's just a stitched card. My son likes me stitching things for him too and will put in a request every now and again. My favourite person to stitch for is my Mum. She's had a couple of pictures and lots of cards. I've got her christmas present and card all planned, along with my son's. they'll only be small bits, but that way everyone gets a little something. I've done a few cards for bubblers too.

Day 22: Have you ever stricken someone off your to-stitch-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last stitched gift to them?I've never stricken anyone from my list, but over the years I've learnt which friends to stitch for. It now means I only stitch about 12 Christmas cards now and thats enough for me and I can say I've got 7 done already yay!!

Hydrangea is coming along well, spurred on by my evening stitchathons with Rach. Today I should get the leaves finished and post a progress pic for you all tomorrow. I've been thinking about my stash reduction for the bubble group and what 5 to pick for next year. I think I've got 4 out of the 5 already
  1. A nudge from mom (needle treasures)
  2. QS Iris (HAED)
  3. Lickle Greetings (Lickle Ted)
  4. Japanese Bookmark (V&A collection by Anchor)
I'm not sure what the 5th will be yet, i'll probably do a floral design from one of the many magazine charts I have on my to do list.

Have a fab day folks. x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Last day of the summer hols

Well I'm predicting today will be a busy one with all the preparation for back to school tomorrow. I still need to sew in some nametapes, an onerous task if ever there was one, along with a couple of other jobs.

I put aside all the little projects and got the Hydrangea out yesterday. I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with it as I'd been stitching alot for exchanges. I did 550 stitches on it or there abouts yesterday and finally looks like something rather than a green splodge on the fabric. (It's 2 green splodges now!) so here's my progress pic. An image of the competed design can be seen on the right.

Day 19: Do you watch television or listen to music whilst you stitch? What are your favourite things to stitch to?The TV is usually on when I'm stitching, and is normally a crime drama of some description, last night it was Gently on BBC1. I do watch some sport too whilst I stitch. I'm a big fan of Formula 1 so I watch or rather listen to that, also Tennis and big events like the Olympics. I like comedies too like Miranda and Big Bang Theory if there really is nothing on then the DVD's of the Gilmore Girls come out. How about you readers?

Have a lovely week everyone .xx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

short and sweet Sunday

Good morning friends, I hope this Sunday finds you well. Just a short and sweet blog today as it's all quiet round here. 

I completed another ATC yesterday so here are my first 3 all together. They're for 2 different swaps, one on bubble and one for Debs for her Fibromyalgia fundraising. See her blog here. I haven't decided which is for what yet but I'll be getting them in the post this week. The designs are all from Cross Stitch Collection 200 and I've put them together in my own arrangement. I used up threads from the card packs that come free with the mags and the card they are mounted on are actually the backing cards from the packs cut to size - no sense in wasting it.
My first ATC's

Day 18: Do you have a favourite stitching magazine?
I don't think I could choose between Cross Stitcher or WOXS. I have subs to both and I find each has it's good and bad points. I use the WOXS design libraries alot especially since I've been stitching themed stuff for exchanges. I occasionally buy Crazy, Gold or Collection if a design catches my eye.

So as it's a wet and miserable day here, I plan on spending it with a needle in hand as much as I can. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

catch up Saturday

Morning folks,
Today I'm having a bit of a catch up the house as it looks like it is lived in by a gang of tramps with hoover phobia. I was going to wait until the children go back to school but frankly I cannot stand another 4 days of mess so I will be spending time doing this today. not my idea if fun, I'd rather be stitching! So to keep up with the catching up theme I thought i'd post 3 pics that were meant to go on other blogs and didn't quite make it for whatever reason.

Here are the seaside sachets all made up. they're now hung up in the cloakroom. The middle one is a little wonky but hey, it's handmade!

This is the birth sampler I did for my son. It was my most challenging piece as a novice stitcher (day 8's question). It had tweeding, french knots, fractionals and took alot of counting to get the characters in the right place.
finally heres the Stitchlet exchange i recieced from Bubbler Anne.  I love mouseloft kits, they're so sweet and the blue flowers will look great on ATC's too.

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?
I've never had a piece of stitching ruined although when I was sewing up the height chart last week the iron was spitting out limescale so that was a bit of a hairy moment. So far anything thats been spilt has come out in the wash and when I was stitching Elvis for Mum, I cut the fabby too small and only left about an inch on 2 of the sides for framing. It was ok and framed up nicely.

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I just want to send my best wishes to Laura as she gets married today. have a wonderful day. x

Kerry. x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Weekend here we come!

I didn't stitch much yesterday although stitching was never far from my mind. I did write out thread lists for my next 5 projects in my little notebook so I do believe it will soon be time to do a thread order. I have a couple more projects to list before. I sat with my pencil and graph paper having a little sketch too. I do like to sketch little idea's for designs. I want to make my own stitchers sampler so I will be going through mags over the coming days to get ideas.
I did sew up the seaside sachets with a little help from my son who chose where to put the charms. some might call it a little wonky, I call it handmade charm. I've been asked to make a couple of handbags by a friend so I get to go fabric shopping. I have to decide a price and that is the hard thing as the fabric is £11 a metre but I use way under that so I'm unsure what to charge her. The school craft fair will be at the end of November, I had a stall last year so I might make some bits for it again this year, thats 2 1/2 months to plan and design. Christmas decorations always go down well. Hopefully Novembers trip to the NEC will give me ideas too along with the stash to create some masterpieces. I've had the notebook out again and it has one or two ideas.

Last night I got out an old embroidery UFO and thoroughly enjoyed stitching it, whilst trying to find a picture of it I came across 3 more co-ordinating designs. I think I may have to purchase them!!!
Pink Circles embroidery by Anchor

I'm popping over to mums later with the children so looking forward to catching up on Bubble as for some strange reason I can't post from this computer.

Oh nearly forgot the question!
Day 16: Have you ever had a stitching related injury?
Apart from stabbing myself with a needle numerous times and a sore shoulder from poor posture when stitching, nothing to report i'm afraid!

Have a fab weekend friends. x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday already

Yesterday I recieved my stitchlet exchange from Anne and had this lovely little stitchlet, card and embelishment. It was my first stitchlet swap and good fun to do. I spent alot of yesterday evening sketching out a ATC design for the swap on bubble as I only have 10 days or so to get them done. One got finished yesterday and I used the CSC design again but did a blackwork version, I kind of just did the outline of the main flower and then just let the needle take me where it did. I started the second one too and I shall continue to work on that today. I'll post a pic in my next blog when they are both made up into ATCs. I also finished a design for a coaster. I used the top of a biscornu design from the totally fab Kincavel Krosses.
All stitched and ready to be made into coaster
Laura (check out her blog here) recieved her wedding parcel I'd made for her yesterday so I can now do the big reveal for that! I stitched her a card and matching tag from Cross Stitcher issue 225 and stitched this blackwork lucky horseshoe from a DMC booklet called Blackwork Occasions. Both designs required beading and I went into town armed with the one side of the design to match the beads as I'd changed the colours to match Laura's colour scheme, not realising that the card needed beads too. anyhoo I brought beads that went very well (Mill Hill 2018) got them home to realise that the card needed beads too and would you believe they were the right colour - see the horseshoe is lucky already! I also made Laura a little parcel of heart and love themed sweets for a bit of fun. All that remains is to wish her and her Fiance all the very best for Saturday and every happiness together.
Back of Horseshoe

Front of Horseshoe

Wedding Card for Laura
Ok I think I need to catch up with some questions so here are 3 to see me up to date (I think)
Day 13: Have you ever taught anyone to stitch?I taught my mum to do tapestry's, she won't try cross stitch as much as I've offered to teach her, I'll keep persevering. I think if she ever completely falls in love with a design then that would be when she'd learn, but knowing my luck she'd get me to stitch it! I'd be happy to teach anyone who'd pick up a needle.
Day 14: What’s the worst threads or fabric that you’ve worked with and why?
I've gone of working with metallics and no amount of thread heaven will make me change my mind at the moment. I can't think of a fabric athough recently I did a round robin where my fabric was an aida band, as with many bands it was very loosely woven and impossible to do fractionals on. It gave one of my fellow robiners quite a headache.
Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?I can't think of anything I've stitched where I've really disliked the pattern. I only tend to stitch things that I like the pattern for, even when doing gifts. I did start a flower fairy once from a card kit and just couldn't get into it. It didn't ever get finished and I passed it on to a penpal to do.

Thanks for reading folks and stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your day. x