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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birthday surprises

Hey folks,
I'm very excited to be able to reveal the birthday presents I made for Rachel (visit her blog here). As you know we met up at the NEC earlier this month and I took with me the presents I'd made here, She was very good and only opened one as we needed the scissors. I'm not sure I'd have managed to wait 3 and a half weeks though.
So as you can see I made her a biscornu, matching scissor fob and keep and a keyring/bag charm. The biscornu pattern was from CSC 200 and came with one for the scissor fob too.

And the back, both have clear, silver lined seed beads on them, which show up a little more in the close ups. The thread is one of my favourites and is an Anchor varigated called Harlequin.
I used design elements from the pattern to make the scissor keep and backed it with pink felt and edged in the same pink ribbon used on the fob. I did also pop in a small pair of pink embroidery scissors for Rach too. They all have these gorgeous glass like buttons in the centre that I found at my local sewing shop and absolutely love.

I had the smallest biscornu left over as it was a pleasant mistake lets say! Hubby gave me the idea of a keyring and using ceramic 'icing' beads from the Brighton Bead Shop, made it up as I wasn't sure what to do with it at all.

There were two other gifts in the bag (Pink and spotty of course). One was a box of Turkish Delight and a little felt heart with a cute little wooden heart shaped charm. I forgot to take a pic of this so will get Rach to post one later.

I also made little sweet bags for her boys to put on the Christmas tree with their initials on. The alphabet was from a recent Cross Stitcher.

This week I've been stitching things for exchanges, I did a card for Laura on Monday evening and stitched a humbug last night which just needs beading and making up. That's the plan for tonight.

Christmas Fayre fact: I used 480 buttons to make the 164 decorations and brooches!!! more fayre facts on the next blog. Can you guess how many metres of ribbon it took?

Well thanks for reading, Have a lovely Wednesday. xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

A big thank you

Just a quick blog to say thank you to all of you who take the time to leave me such uplifting comments about my work. I love sharing my work with you. I must say I am looking forward to getting back to the stitching tonight. I've got a few biscornu planned and a couple of Christmas decorations too. 

Well the two fayres are over and I was pleased with how I did. I did have a fair few bits over after the second one today but I will advertise on facebook and take them to my Mum and Tots group in December. So here is the photo from the first school.

I hadn't put all it all out when I took this photo. I did well and sold 45 items so I was pleased. Below is the second stall, as you can see it was a rather small table, in a poor location so I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. I only sold 12 decorations/brooches but I did sell alot of phone charms after reducing the price of them considerably.

I've been asked by the PTA of the other school to do their summer fayre so I'll be thinking up idea's for that over the coming weeks. It's all exciting.

So a huge thank you for all your support over the last few weeks and on to the stitching YAY!!!!!!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2 days to go!

Yes folks this time Saturday I'll be packing up all my crafty wares and taking them off to the first of the fayres at Norton First School. My friend's son goes there and Keira being on the PTA asked me to have a stall. I must say I'm a bit nervous about this one as I'll only know 3 people there so will feel like a fish out of water somewhat. Monday's fayre at my Son's school will be fine. I help out with events alot and know the PTA well. I was also asked to do another fayre at an old work colleague's children's school yesterday, but I decided that 2 was enough for this year.

So here are yesterdays makes. The lime green and red trees are left over from last year and were triangle shaped. I decided to make this years more tree like so ended up taking the old 4 apart too and reshaping them lets say. I'm much happier with them now. I also made another santa and started the third one so my completion count stands at...drum roll please...113 with 11 to go. So the 11 consists of 3 Santa's, 4 stockings, 2 Gingerbread men, a heart and a star. Good thing really as I'm fast running out of buttons. It's funny really it was the stockings I made last last year. I should be able to get them all done for Saturday as I will be spending the weekend making extras of anything that sells particularly well.

Oh before I go, two giveaways that may interest you dear readers. Firstly Laura over on cutecrochetedcreations is having a fab giveaway where you can win a very cute ladybird ami and a matching biscornu. MsStitcher on her blog is giving away a lovely knitted bag. So check them out and enter.

Well time to get off blogger and look for more jobs. I have the unenviable task of signing on at the job centre again (shudders at the thought.) Best I pack a decoration to take with me as it's bound to be a bit of a wait. Have a great day. xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

losing momentum

Yes Folks, it's finally happened and I've hit the wall. Last night I only managed 3 (very pretty) hearts and started a tree. I did spend the afternoon cutting the last of the felt shapes out and finishing the snowmen too. The current decoration count stands at 84 done with 23 to do. I decided to vary my colour scheme a little last night and use coloured buttons on the trees and also do a blue and white heart. I loved the way it turned out so much that I made two. The great thing about it is that it could be kept out all year.

So there are the last of the snowmen all wrapped up for the chilly weather. I brought the blue heart buttons ages ago and finally I've managed to use some of them. I'm a bit odd when it comes to the buttons in my tin. If the button has come from a piece of clothing or was brought specifically for something, I only want it on something special like a biscornu, something that I know will be treasured by either me or it's recipient.
My button tin

Anyway the close up of the hearts...

The last picture is of Monday's creations. This was another day where bits got finished off. The snowmen got warm, except for the one who just got a mouth, just in case anyone is worried, He was in the group of four finished off yesterday :-) I put brooch backs on the trees and gingerbread men, put the ribbon on the red hearts and white band on the stocking and lastly made up the white hearts and fabric panels. That was the last of the fabric panels I needed to do so all 35 are complete.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you all have a good day, and hopefully for you one that's filled with crafting. I'm hoping for a more productive one!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Second post of the day...

Having braved the rain, I've just got back from town and I had to share my Santa with you. I needed to get the googly eyes. I love how he's turned out. He was worth the effort even if he took 40 mins to make. I have since shaped his eyebrows a little!

So I'm going to spend the afternoon finishing off the snowmen as they were getting chilly without their hats and scarfs, along with the last of the fabric sachets, 2 hearts and a stocking. Thats my plan.

Have a fab afternoon folks and thanks for reading. xx

Generous friends

Morning friends,
I hope today finds you all well. Yesterday morning I was stopped on the way into church by a lady I've known for about 18 years but only in passing. She mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she has some cross stitch bits she wouldn't use and would I like them. So here is what the bag contained. I was amazed by it's content, I was expecting a couple of battered half started kits, maybe some threads or cheap stuff.

Aren't they all fab, the kits are all anchor kits and the card one is kind of embelished embroidery. I love the two bookmark kits. All are in perfect condition and unstarted. A big thanks to Jo.

As for the Christmas fayre. I promise only 10 more days of you having to hear about it. I'm right on target and I only have 40 decorations/brooches left to make (Laura - I forgot to add the brooches when I told you my progress this morning). I got a stack more bits cut out yesterday and tried a santa design, that looks fab so far but needs a couple of finishing touches. Off to town later for a few final supplies. I need to get my price list sorted and find all my display stuff this week too (read steal mug tree from Mum's). Next Monday I could be cross stitching again, now that would be a treat!!! So here's what I made yesterday. I may try and get to bed before midnight tonight as I'm somewhat sleep deprived!

Have a great week one and all. xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Progress report

So 2 days since my last post and here is the progress. I'm on target pretty much with what I need to do as long as today is very productive. Yesterday was a rather productive day with 23 phone charms/zipper pulls made, 6 christmas puds, 6 snowmen and 1 and a half hearts. I say 1 and a half as I couldn't get the blanket stitching right on the second one. The fact it was 1.20am may have had a bearing.

Phone charms made with metal charms and 6mm miracle beads
As you can see since my last post I've used alot of the ready cut shapes so today's plan other than the stitch-a-thon is to cut the rest of my shapes. I have plan for a santa face and an owl along with a larger stocking (6") to fill with sweets. Tomorrow I will be off to town for more felt, ribbon and buttons (again). At this time of year I'm in and out of my two local shops 2 or 3 times a week. (and stand at the counter dithering about how much ribbon I need) When I pop into the shops I also keep my eye out for little bits to put in my Christmas gift exchange parcel for Laura. I'm pleased with what I've got so far.  

So here is the latest group of pictures. I've already sold 3 which is great and have been offered a place at a 3rd fayre but i've declined that as I don't have the time to make any more and I'd rather be stitching my christmas gifts for my family and friends. (read 6 biscornu, a coaster and a Christmas ornament for an exchange along with 3 ATC's) Oh and the 2 christmas stockings for the children.

The snowmen just need hats and scarfs now

So thanks for reading, leave me a mesage if you can. Have a lovely Sunday. xxx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Fayre update

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you've been leaving me lately. I love reading them. I hope today finds you all well, and despite not that much sleep I'm on fine form this morning. It's my day for voluntary work in the cafe and I do love fridays. (that is unless we have a local over 55' group in who are known affectionately as the old age toddlers and can be a handful!)

Well I cracked on yeterday with the decorations and I have a third done and 1 week left to get the rest done - 43 decorations in 4 and a half days not bad really! I've got most of the shapes cut ready, buttons sorted, ribbon lengths cut. It's been these little things I do in the day so when the children are in bed I just sew, sew, sew. I'm waiting for an order to come from the Brighton Bead Shop as I want to make some phone charms/zipper pulls and needed brooch backs too.
I've machined round 3 sides of the fabric sachets so I just have to stuff, add ribbon, buttons and slip stitch them shut.

So here's the progress so far and I'm really pleased as when I laid it out I realised I had more than I thought. So here's to the final 88 that need doing!!!!

Have a fab day folks. Thanks for stopping by, I'd love you to leave me a message even if it's just hi. xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The big Christmas decoration make

Welcome to my new follower Steph. Check out her blog here..Its fab.

I've been persuaded to have stalls at 2 local Christmas fayres. I've given myself the imposible task of making enough Christmas decorations in 2 weeks, By my guestimation I need to make about 100 decorations to stock my stall. The current count stands at 15 felt tree decorations, 15 brooches, and 1 fabric sachet. I also have a further 17 fabric ones that just need sewing up once stuffed and and 5 felt ones that just need a little finishing off.

A handful of the makes so far 

I'm also going to make a few zipper pulls/phone charms with a christmassy feel and some slightly larger stockings too that are around 6" and put some sweets in.

This was last years stall at the fayre.

So many ideas...So little time, so now it's time to go for a Job interview and then into town with Mum for a little retail therapy...well if Christmas shopping can be theraputic, I'm not so sure about that one, but I'll certainly enjoy getting some fabric, beads and ribbon.

Have a great day, Thanks for stopping by. xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birthday treats

Well today is my birthday and I've been very lucky to recieve some gorgeous cards and gifts from my crafty friends. So cue alot of pictures of the lovely cards and presents made by my very talented Bubble friends.

The wonderful Laura sent me this amazing parcel of Giraffe themed presents. I do love my Giraffes and I was overwhelmed with these. As you can see there is a very cute ami that my daughter would like to claim, Fab card, earrings and phone charm and crochetted brooch made by Laura's Mum. There is also the most amazing biscornu, designed especially for me by Laura, using a Giraffe design from an old Cross Stitcher. So here are the close ups...
And the back...

The Earrings
The phone charm and crochetted brooch...

Here are the handmade cards I've recieved so far from the Bubblers in the Thread Exchange.
Well, thanks for stopping by, I'm off to town with the family, Thom wants to go to the local Muesum. Have a fab weekend everyone. xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

Bits and bobs and things I've not shown you.

Hi Folks,
It's one of those catch up kind of blogs today. It's been a buy old week and I've been asked to do 2 craft fayres at the end of November, looks like I'll be very busy making over the coming weeks. I have a few bits left over from last year so at least I have about a weeks head start, or not as I'm making for 2 this year. I brought some gorgeous Christmassy fabric yesterday so I'll be making them up hopefully over the weekend. That should give me about 30 decorations. As for the felt ones, looks like I need to make Snowmen, Christmas puds and Gingerbread Men. Watch this space for pictures.

I did make some little Sweet bags for my friend Rachel (check out her blog here). They were just little felt bags with a cross stitched patch on the front of each. The alphabet was taken from Cross stitcher 244. Rach said her boys loved them and I hope to make them for my family too as they only took a couple of evenings to do all 3.

The lovely Laura (check out her blog here) sent me this very cute ami when I was feeling under the weather a few weeks ago. My darling daughter can't seem to understand why she can't play with it.
I made a few cards at the beginning of the week with some of the stash from Hobbycrafts. They're quite simple 3D ones using peel offs. I'm quite pleased with them as it's been a while since I made any cards.

Well I think thats me all caught up, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed today's blog. xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Coloured buttons

Yesterday's post showed the lovely wooden buttons from button it. One of the ideas featured on their stall was how to colour the buttons using felt tips, gel pens or paint. Well here are my first attempts using some Gelly Roll pens brought at the NEC.

I'm loving the glaze white pen, it takes a little time to dry but has a great effect, so the snowmen and lighthouse are definite favourites so far.

I also had a little go with the mesh ribbon to make a little flower... It's fixed in the middle using a crystal brad. When I get a little child free time I'm looking forward to trying a few more designs.
I guess my blogs are now like buses...you wait for ages then several come at once! Happy crafting folks. x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

NEC Hobbycrafts stash fest!

Hi Everyone,
I'm sorry it's been a while since my last blog, but I promise they'll be more frequent again now that I have all this new stash to play with and plenty of Christmas makes to get on with. Welcome to my new follower Danielle, I hope you'll pop back from time to time.

So yesterday saw me on the 8.24 train to Birmingham International armed with a coffee for the Hobbycrafts and crafts for Christmas show with my lovely friend Rachel (who's blog you can read here) We saw so many gorgeous creations, idea's for cards and stitched designs. So here goes for my picture heavy post showing all my new goodies.
So there it is all laid out. The peel offs are all Christmassy ones as we saw some fab cards made with them. I didn't think I'd be buying peel offs in a month of Sundays  but I ended up with 9 sheets of them. The A4 sheet is for paper embroidery so I thought I'd give it a go. there are various brads and buttons. I paid 50p for 2 packs of 5 snowflake embossed card blanks. Also in there are a corner rounding punch, and some wire mesh ribbon from Ribbonbox. The bottom 10 images in their gallery are all made with this amazing stuff. Look out for my creations over the coming weeks.

Rach and I found this gorgeous satin tag printed ribbon on the first stall we went to. I'm looking forward to making some fab cards with it.
The spotty ribbons look great fun and the one on the right co-ordinates with the ribbon tags too.

A few little handmade by tags to use with my work and the little heart sums up how I feel about chocolate too.
These gorgeous glass beads were hard to resist and I'm looking forward to making a necklace with these.

My very lovely wooden buttons from Button-it. As you can see i've started colouring in the snow man using Gel Pens. These will go on the filigree hearts and become some gorgeous handmade decorations for my tree. I may order some more to make some for my mum too. Thomas is keen to help me do it too.
My obession with beach huts continues, and well spotted Laura there was a giraffe too!

More pots to make some stitched cards.
And lastly some mini buttons and a lovely little label too. I've realised there isn't a pic of the filigree heart but they are on the button it website and very pretty indeed. I brought 5 so I can make some lovely decorations.

We did stop for a coffee mid afternoon at the Weatherspoons on site as we were fit to drop. It was a great chance to have a quick look at the stash and plan our next move. It was only when we went back did we discover the wire mesh ribbon and saw the demonstration. Rach and I were gobsmacked by what you could do with it.

My last picture is of one of Rachels birthday presents. You'll have to wait until December for the rest of the pics as Rach wanted to keep the rest for her birthday. The design is from Cross Stitch Collection 200, although I did alter it somewhat to make the scissor pouch.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share my stash fest with you all. I hope everyone is well and getting stuck into their crafting.