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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jubilee ATC's and parcel

So 3 posts in 3 days I don't know what has gotten into me! Here is the little ATC parcel I sent Laura. We were swapping 2 ATC's, one Jubilee themed one and one any theme. I did go a little over board and did a full Jubilee themed parcel...
So as you can see there are some ATC's, union jack tissues, a 'best of British rosette, a bag of buttons and charms, a paper bag with ribbons in, bracelet and earrings and little telephone box photo (or maybe ATC) clip.

 Here are the Jubilee ATC's. The Crown one I designed myself so I could make a good likeness of the St Edward Coronation crown. The other two are photo's of a scene we made with my Daughter's Happyland playset. She has the Queen in the set so we decorated the 'village' with union jacks and had a tea party in the square!

 The ones above are from a recent cross stitcher mag, The design on the left was the original design and I thought It would look good in red on black aida. I then had the idea of doing it in reverse putting blackwork in the head and spots and leaving the body blank. I'm really pleased with them and I always find blackwork a joy to do.
Above is the Jubilee bracelet and earrings. I found the buttons in my local shop and made them into this linked bracelet and earrings, I've since done a blue and green one for me and a citrus one in yellow, orange and lime.
 No swap parcel is complete without a little parcel of goodies in the form of buttons, charms and ribbon. I love the ribbons above, You wouldn't believe how excited I in the shop when I found it.
Lastly is the feltie rosette. I also sent Laura a knitted bird brooch simular to the blue one I shared a couple of days ago but purple. I've just started a pink bird now.

I hope you are all having a good week. Thanks for stopping by. xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sleepy Sarah and Funky Fish

Hi Friends,
Just a quick post to show you the lovely presents Laura sent for my terrible two! They both celebrated their birthdays at the end of April and were very lucky to recieve these Ami's through the post.

Laura sent Charlotte a Sleepy Sarah doll and Thomas a very funky fish which has been named Gobble (no idea behind the reason but then I have no idea how the mind of a 7 yr old boy works).

Sleepy Sarah

'Gobble' the fish

There are links to the patterns on Laura's blog HERE and also some more pictures.

Have a fab day. xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

ATC's and a bit of stash shopping

Helloooo Friends,
Well my first blog for 3 weeks and the first with the new blogger layout which to put it mildly was a tad confusing.

Things have been a little crazy over the last couple of weeks. I started to do my April biscornu and then what with one thing and another including a new job for hubby, both children having birthdays and then illness, crafting has rather taken a back seat.
The main problem I have is a lack of things to show you at the moment as I made my ATC's for Laura, but I'm yet to post them so they will be staying firmly under wraps for a few more days. I did make up some other ones too which are below...

I brought a copy of the mag 'Simply Homemade' as I liked the look of the cross stitch on the cover, anyhoo, I came across an article on french knitting, my grandad made me a dolly 20 odd years ago and it has moved craft boxes and houses, lived in the loft and the garage. So I dug it out and here is the make from the mag and I must say I'm rather pleased with how it has turned out. I have started a cross stitch pattern from it too so I'll show that as soon as I have finished it.

I've discovered a great little aladdin's cave of a craft shop on the other side of town, a friend told me about it so I decided to check out Crafty Mo's and  she stocks merino tops for needle felting which I was over the moon about, I also picked up a couple of odds and ends too. I also had a great little find in The Works today - a stitchable Journal, it has a little perforated paper section on the cover  and cost £1.99, it came with all the threads and a little sheet of perforated paper with a geometric design on to copy and in a nice box box that I might decopatch at a later point.

Lovely new Merino wool tops.

Well thats about it for now, hopefully I'll be able fill you in on the ATC swap at the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by. x