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Friday, 27 February 2015

Malvern craft show

Hubby and I spent the day at the Malvern craft show today. It's a really small show compared to the NEC or the like but they do have good workshops and it is only a few miles away from us. 

Hubs doesn't usually do craft shows with me as its not really his thing, but as this one was offering a workshop he was interested in, it didn't take much persuasion! 

We both did the stained glass sun catcher workshop. The people running were lovely and really helpful. I didn't take any step by step pics but this is the sun catcher I made. 

We were given a choice of kits, it didn't take much for me to pick these colours. There were 5 different designs including a triangle, 2 different squares and 2 hearts. 

The kit had the copper fouling tape, cleaning wipe and the ready cut glass. We were shown how to clean and foil them and then how to solder it all together. 

This is the one hubs made. The glass is textured and called rough rolled (I think).

So we ended up buying 5 kits and equipment too. When I do the next sun catcher I'll take step by step pics too. 

I did end up buying some other bits and pieces too. Some of the bits I needed like the findings and the loose buttons are for a project as are the fabric panels. The  FQ's were £2 each and I loved the designs. I topped up on friendly plastic too and some cutters so I can experiment a bit more too. 

And I always need buttons! 

The travelling box is due to leave my possession on Monday so I'll have a couple of posts next week once the next recipient has it. 

Have a craft filled weekend xx