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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

WIPocalypse January check in

Hey folks,

It's been a busy old stitching month. Would you believe I didn't stitch on one gifted piece, hence no GG check in, but boy, did I get to work on those wips! You can see my 18 in 2018 chosen projects here., so let's speed ahead to my check in post for Measi's Wipocalypse

Monday, 8 January 2018

Year of WIP's 2018

Hello Friends

Happy New Year!!!!

As I said in my last blog, I'm taking part in the Year of WIPS as part of Soulful Stitching on the book of face. The challenge is to have a minimum of 15 wips of any size and complete at least half. This will also tie in nicely with Wipocalypse 2018 hosted by Measi which I'm doing again this year.

Just in case you are new here...I'm Kerry - married mum of two kids 7 & 12, (2018 brings me a teenager argh!!!) I work as an office administrator and I'm half way through a diploma in business admin. I've been stitching for 13 years and have other crafty hobbies too Jewellery making is one that has been a big thing in 2017 for me and I've loved beading with my 7 year old. - some of which has featured from time to time in my floss tube videos - I'm Kerry in stitches there and Kerry_in_stitches on Instagram. 

Here are the starting points for my chosen wips, date I started and my target for it. Despite being numbered they're not in any particular order. 

1. Giraffe Silhouette by Maia - Started 3rd March 2017 - Target finish

2. M'lady's Greenhouse by Gaynor French (Stitcher Anon) Started 31st May 2017 - Target finish

3. Cityscape by Zweigart in WOXS 251 Started 18th September 2017 - Target page 1/3 finish 

4. Blackwork Lady by Lesley Teare in WOXS, Started12th November 2017 - Target finish  

5. Spring Frills - Just Nan - Started 4th March 2017 - Target finish.

6. Blackwork Houses - Susan Penny in CrossStitcher 310 - Started 29th October 2017 - Target finish.

7. Garden Shed (Fancy Outhouse SAL) by Michael Powell - started 3rd December 2017 - Target finish.

8. Calendar SAL - Palko Lap Blog - Started 10th March 2017 - Target finish.

9. Tiny Christmas SAL - Armada Designs - Started 1st December 2017 - Target finish.

10. First Snow - Drawn Thread - Started 19th September 2017 - Target finish.

11. Winter Village - Stone Street Stitchworks
 - Started 26th December 2017 - Target finish.

12. Have Faith - Design Works - Started 28th December 2017 - Target finish

13. Japanese Bookmark - Anchor - Started January 2012 - Target finish.

14. Elizabeth Shephard - The Scarlet Letter -  Started 31st December 2017 - Target 2/4 pages.

15. Celtic Cross - Textile Heritage -  Started 7th January 2018 - Target finish

16. Celebration flag - Susan Penny for Cross Stitcher 305 - Started 5th January 2018 - Target finish for the #RoyalWeddingSAL

17. Sweet Heart - Stone Street Stitchworks - Started 7th January 2018 - Target finish.

Still to start before 18th January

18. Cityscape -London by Jody Rice of Satsuma Street (CSC 202) - All kitted up and ready to go - probably tonight! Target for a finish too

So as you can see I only intend to carry 2 forward into 2019, I am also doing a year of starts which includes 18 new starts for the year. These will be mostly small or medium charts from my collection of Bent Creek, Heart in Hand, Trilogy and Lizzie Kate and hopefully all the Main Street Series too. Most of these are partially kitted too so Stitch from Stash hosted by Stephanie (OhSewCrafty) (but on Facebook) is completely do-able too.

I hope 2018 is a fantastically stitchy crafty year for you all.