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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hexagon quilt update

Hi everyone,

I can't believe it was january when I last blogged about my quilt. I finally got round to putting a few more rows in my quilt.

One of the wedding favours from my friends wedding last month was a jar of sweets so I saved the fabric from the top and put it into my quilt. It's the green piece with the 3 red flowers. 

I got a scrap pack with some lovely batik fabric scraps in last week, so they went in too. Laura's Hexagon quilt has reached almost 1200 hexagons and is huge. Mine has around 240 in. I've managed to have a few evenings where I've been able sew 20 or so hexies in. I also got all the fabric from Teresa cut ready to make into hexies too.

This is the last blog picture of the quilt. This was taken in January.

Most of the hexagons I've added over the last couple of weeks are to the left hand side. 

Here are a few close ups. I really like the yellow section

and the beach hut...

I'm off to watch the F1 and sew in a hexagon or 3! 

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Easter, birthdays and RAK's

Hi everyone,

I had an Easter parcel from my friend Steph O, which was a lovely surprise. She sent a lovely ami Easter bunny, some chocs and a bag of buttons, beads etc. I've just looked for the picture and can't find it on my phone so, here is the bunny and bits minus the chocs!

A few weeks ago, Laura ran a competition on her blog and asked about favourite animals and chocolate etc, I didn't win, but Laura decided to RAK me a prize as she liked the challenge of my answer! Everyone knows how much I love Giraffes, but I'm quite fond of snails too, especially cute cartoon and ami ones!  Laura also sent me lots of buttons and a very sweet snail biscornu too. I had a box of Turkish delight and I'm the only one who likes them in our house!

Both my children had birthdays last week so Steph sent them an ami each, she also sent me some fabric and some buttons from her mum. I also had the Mary poppins omnibus to read.

I had a belated Easter present from Laura, containing some lovely things she'd picked up at the shows she's been to recently. Laura sent my children a craft kit and a chicken in a little sleeping bag. Lottie named him Frank! I had a lovely quilted bag, chocolate, fabric and buttons a cross stitch kit and a pretty blackwork (greenwork!) card. 

Here's a close up of the bag. 

And the lovely card.  

I've been working on my quilt lately (more on that in may next post), but I'm experiencing a bit of a fabric shortage as I don't like most of the scrap packs I find and I can't really afford to keep buying FQ's just for a little fabric. I try and get a few charm packs when my local stores have them as they are so helpful and I like to support them. anyhoo, long story short, Teresa came to my rescue as she is a self confessed fabric-a-holic and sent me all these wonderful scraps.

Here are a few of my favourites.

I'm very thankful for kind and generous friends. 

Have a good weekend.