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Monday, 16 April 2012

A little catch up

Hi everyone,
I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter. My lot are on the last day of the hols. I'm pleased to say all the homework is done and bedrooms are almost tidied. I just need to iron the uniform and pop to tesco for the packed lunch stuff. I'm sure that is enough about my domestic arrangements so on to the crafting.

I had a commision for Black Pear - a kitty keyring, now I'm not a cat person so this was quite hard for me to do. anyway here he or is it a she is. I wanted to use safety eyes but couldn't get any locally so I cheated and used black brads, It'll be fine as a its for a (late) teenager. The ribbon was lilac and the ears and nose a pale pink, as they seem to have come out white in the picture.

The back was personalised for the birthday girl. 

I was a bit late getting my ATC's done for this month but it's great to know that I have a couple of spare ones now. As you can see I've not made them up yet but I will do when I do May's themed ones (Birds and Jubilee/Royalty). I've picked the designs for them so I WILL meet the May deadline!!! I must remember to stock pile some stamps too! The mermaid was from an issue of Crazy and the Loch Ness Monster from WOXS. The theme was fantasy (or fanta-sea) as I've renamed it)

The two flowers were from the recent WOXS chart booklet

I started work on the April Biscornu over the weekend and I decided to try stitching the square outlines first, I must say it was a good way to do it and something I'll probably do again. The design is a Kincavel Krosses one, but I'll say more when it's done.

Mum liked the yellow rose biscornu I made for her, I remembered to give it to her on Saturday. She was impressed by the neatness!

Well, time to get on, a woman's work is never done and I want to spend some time stitching this afternoon as I have a job application to finish as soon as the little darlings go to bed tonight.

Thanks for stopping by. xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Finally some finishes

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all having a nice Easter, It's rather wet in my part of the world, which is disapointing as we were hoping for a walk today. So instead we're continuing family movie weekend (we've watched Hop, Mary Poppins, Enchanted and now Chicken Little with Flushed away and maybe a full Wallace and Gromit run through later too) and hopefully, I'll get a bit of stitching in too as I need to start my ATC's for this month and get them in the post ideally by Wednesday. Nothing like stitching to a tight deadline is there. 3 of them are my choice and 2 are fantasy themed. The fantasy ones will be a bit of a challenge as it's not something I stitch very often. I have a couple of ideas but I will leave that one until last.

So on to the biscornu...
I did get them finished although I miscounted on the bottom of the rose design by one square all round so instead of unpicking and restitching, I just started again and now I have a spare base for another one at another time.

Firstly the Yellow rose biscornu for Mum

The design was slightly adapted from a Woman's Weekly pincushion designed by Helen Phillips. I put a simple pattern on the base corners an attached a rose charm to the corner. I didn't quite get it done before I went over to Mums, but it's all done now and I can give it to her on Wednesday.

Here is the March one...

The design is from the chart booklet from the latest WOXS and stitched with the Madeira threads. The lovey bead in the middle is one Laura sent me a while back and worked perfectly. The bottom was done with a simular corner design to the Yellow rose biscornu but I added 4 buttons to give a bit extra. I wasn't sure how they would look, but I'm really pleased with how they look.

So this brings me another post nearer my giveaway, so I need plenty of encouragement (and badgering) to get stuff done, as the more I finish, the nearer to my 100 posts giveaway. Steph over at Show and Tell is having an amazing giveaway too... you can find it here.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday. xxxx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Confessions of a slacker stitcher!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my new followers and Happy Easter to you all!

Todays pics come in the form of a confessional and a bit of a progress report. I still haven't finished March's biscornu and I had hoped to finish one for Mum for Easter as I failed to get it done for Christmas, Mothering Sunday and her Birthday. (Oops!) So my plan for this weekend is to finish both biscornu as have found intructions for a 6 sided biscornu, 15 sided biscornu, a biscobud (sometimes known as a pagoda) and a biscofleur so roughly translated that's April, May, June and July sorted for biscornu! If anyone knows of any other variations please let me know I'd love to try them out. I'll put links on as I make them for the ones I've mentioned.

So here is as far as I have gotten with the March Biscornu. The design is from the Madeira chart book from the current WOXS. It was going to be an ATC but I thought it was too big, Having just measured it, It would fit...just. So anyway, I need to finish the purple backstitch and and then bead it, oh and do the bottom!

This is the one I started for Mum. It's from a Woman's Weekly craft special and was for a pin cushion, but I thought the design worked well for a biscornu, I changed the colours as Mum loves yellow roses and the design was for pink ones. Hopefully I can get it done today and give it to her tomorrow. That certainly will be a tough challenge.

Last picture is the progress pic of my fabric brooch I started at the NEC. I've tidied it up a bit and started on the beading too. I need to sort out a few more green bugles but hopefully I can get it done over the next couple of weeks.

Well time for lunch, I've just re-heated leftover cottage pie, and I can't wait to eat it. Beats a sandwich hands down! Have a lovely Easter weekend. xxx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday stroll, fabulous ATC's and Easter present

Hubby, the kids and I had another trip over to the local country park yesterday to make the most of a sunny Sunday afternoon. We took another route through the woods and walked back up by the two ponds. We took the kids on the park and I sat making daisy chains. The Bluebells are just coming out so I'm looking forward to another walk up there in a couple of weeks to see the carpet of blue.

I was very excited to have a lovely parcel today from Laura today. We swapped 2 ATC's and some little goodies too. My parcel hasn't made it to Laura yet as the postie took it back with him. so here are the lovely goodies I got...

Two gorgeous ATC's...I love the Giraffe one, Laura knows my Giraffe obsession and this will make a welcome addition to it.

Laura also sent these very cute little bunnies and I now have a Tiny Owl too!!! Yay! The little choc chick is safely in the fridge until Sunday, however, if it makes it past midday it'll be a miracle. Laura's Mum remembered one of her friends loved Giraffes and sent me the little Giraffe motif which she'd picked up at a show. Such a lovely thought, I guess all the Giraffe goodies Laura made me for my birthday last November must have stuck in her mind.

So above is the ever growing Ami family, not a bad collection considering I can't crochet and the collection is less than a year old. A big thank you to Laura, Steph and Dotty for these.

I haven't forgotten about the March biscornu, hopefully I'll be all done tomorrow as it just needs beading and a bit of backstitch, a bit late I know, but better late than never, My only stitching plans for April are 2 biscornu and half a dozen ATC's. I've decided just a little target this month in the hope I can actually get it done and not feel defeated and therefore lose my stitchy bug.

Thank you for stopping by as always. I love reading your comments so please leave me one even if it's just to say hello. xxx