As the song from Gilmore Girls says “So welcome to my little corner of the world”. It’s all about me and my crafting – focusing around my love for stitching and sewing along with anything else that catches my eye. So welcome, grab a coffee and happy reading.

2013 Finishes

  1. Luna Park biscobud
  2. Poppy Biscornu
  3. Christmas Biscornu
  4. Toadstool Biscornu
  5. CS Lewis bookmark
  6. Purple keep calm bookmark
  7. Free Hug
  8. Valentine hearts card
  9. Blue valentine hearts card
  10. Purple biscostar
  11. Sheldon bookmark
  12. White on Red keep calm hanging
  13. Teeny Tarragon mini pillow
  14. daydream biscostar
  15. Easter MS biscornu
  16. Wee Plum Faerie
  17. biscornu on hand dyed
  18. toadstool keyring
  19. roses embroidery in hoop
  20. Wee Luna Faerie
  21. Laura's Biscornu
  22. Dorothy's Shoes
  23. Piggy Heart keyring
  24. Game on hanging
  25. yellow and purple biscornu
  26. biscornu necklace and teeny biscornu
  27. Rhodes Butterfly biscornu
  28. Oak leaves Biscornu
  29. Blackwork Sampler

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