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Monday, 25 November 2013

My Birthday goodies

Hello me again! 
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my recent posts. I'm hoping to get round as many blogs as I can over the coming weeks. 

So I celebrated my birthday last week and received some lovely presents from friends. 

I had a boxful of wonder from Steph. 

So in the box was a set of pegs with days of the week on, some Christmas fabric and a huge bag of variegated threads. 

Steph sent me one of the finished pieces from when she stitched a travelling pattern recently. We're going to hang it in our bedroom. 

Steph made me an amazing needle book. Here you can see the front and back of it. 

Steph also made me two gorgeous brooches. I've worn the larger one already. 

Lastly Steph made me this gorgeous shall. The colours are very me and I wore it to work on Friday as it goes with my favourite jumper very well! 

So all of those wonderful goodies were from Steph. 

I also had lots of giraffe goodness from Laura who has been squirrelling away giraffe themed goodies all year! 

Laura made me a very cute little giraffe and giraffe granny squared bag stuffed full with goodies.

The gorgeous granny square bag contained giraffe print and a second piece with African animals on it. There were some gorgeous buttons and a fab wooden ruler which I absolutely love! There was a pretty embroidered giraffe too. Here's a bit of a close up. 

I had a lovely scarf from my best friend and some crochet hooks from hubby.  

I also had lots of chocolate, yellow roses and a cosy onesie. 

I'll be back later in the week with a bit of a bits and bobs kinda post. Have a good week :-)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Travelling Box makes round 3

Hello bloggerland,
I told you all about my picks from the travelling box in my last blog so here are my makes, they are all sat on a shopping bag I embellished. Some bits aren't in the other pictures, they are the scrappy cushion made by Thom with a little help and the 2 bookmarks, one is the hexagon one and the other is the stitched keep calm one.

Here are the jewellery makes, a crocheted bracelet with seed beads and chainmaille earrings made by me and earrings, bracelet, ring and also the stitch markers made by Thom, my 8 yr old


I love this little saying and so true too! I've stitched it once before. Steph gave me an idea for something a bit different with it, so I might stitch it for me at some point. I had to do a biscornu too. Biscornulicious as Steph said!!!

A little biscornu kilt pin brooch. A mad idea that grew from the biscornu  jewellery I've made in the past. I must order some more pins to make myself one.

And lastly the bits and bobs - macrame by my hubby, feltie bear, nail file case and  crocheted corsage.

I don't expect the travelling box will be back until late spring now, but already the ideas are flowing! 

Next up the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday :-)
Thanks for reading :-) 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Travelling box picks round 3

Hello all,
So here is a mid week check in from me, 3 blogs in 5 days, I'm like waiting for the bus!!

The travelling box visited at the end of September and as usual was choc full of fabulous things as always. I really love being part of this swap that's so much fun to do.

So as you can see I was able to choose some fantastic things made by some very talented people. Steph O made the apple with the worm ami (which Thom claimed), biscornu in a pretty red vari thread, Cacti ami, and the beautiful hummingbird stitch. I chose the purple corsage and the pair of lovebirds and hubby claimed the tortoro all made by Joan. Laura made the crocheted hearts, granny square jewellery, note book cover, little gnome and the pretty covered pot. I'm planning to take the pot to work for my pens. Lastly I had the little free hug heart - Steph S made one for each of us taking part.

So next up are my makes for the box.Once again thanks for reading. All these blogs from me must be exhausting!! I'm half way to being caught up now!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Steph's visit and birthday

Howdy friends, me again!

The lovely Steph from Show and Tell came up to the Woo to visit me last month - On her birthday too. I made her a couple of little Autumn themed presents. So you can see the garland of felted leaves and a little collection of buttons and a magnet.

I stitched Steph a biscornu, with an oak leaf and acorn design. When I picked the recommended colours out of my thread box i thought they looked rather dull but I'm glad I persevered as I love the colours now they are stitched. I used an orangey coloured vari thread to do the border for a little colour and finished it with an oak leaf button.

I'm rather pleased with this little chap, He was a lovely little thing to make and fairly easy (now I know how to do it!) I'm hoping to do a couple of Santa versions too as Christmas fast approches.

Steph and I popped into town and had a Costa coffee and a mooch in the sewing shop. I came away with just a few buttons, Steph came away with a little more!! I must admit I was quite surprised by my restraint as was the lady in who knows me by name (and spending habits!)

We came back to mine after collecting my Lottie from pre-school and Steph taught me to crochet a granny square - Oh yes I can crochet a Granny - I was over the moon as this was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn how to crochet. I will crochet an ami soon, probably after I've seen Steph or Laura next time!

Here is the Granny after day 1, I had to restart after Lottie took a pair of scissors to it as I was saying goodbye to Steph. I recall a similar thing involving a pair of scissors and my Hexagon quilt when Laura started me on that!

So that was my day with Steph. Next up for the blog is my picks from the travelling box. Have a good week folks. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Laura's visit

Dear Blogger friends

Thank you for sticking with me in my little blogger break. I'm back now and I shall get straight on with the things I made for Laura's visit.

Laura and her Hubby celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary in September so I made them this biscornu in an Anchor Vari thread from a pattern I found on the web somewhere.

I also made them a Fox and Raccoon feltie from the Made in Felt magazine complete with their initials on it. I've made several things from the magazine now and it was well worth the money. I just hope they bring out another edition of it.

 I also made Laura a little Minion from Despicable Me. He was a fun little thing to stitch.


Laura came armed with some yummy cakes, which didn't last long, even though I'd made lemon cakes and choc chip cakes too. I was very very lucky to receive this amazing giraffe that stands almost 12" tall!!! He lives next to the ami basket as he's too big to in. I get so many lovely comments about him when we have visitors.

I had a lovely day with Laura, we had a coffee or in Laura's case a Hot choc in one of the cafes in town and then we had a mooch about in the craft shops, before coming back to my house where Laura showed me the progress on her quilt, and I must say it looks amazing, mine is still rather small!!! It doesn't stop me collecting fabric for it though!

So next up is my day with Steph. It's so lovely to be able to meet my lovely blogger friends.

Thanks for reading :-)