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Friday, 29 June 2012

Lots of lovely goodies through the post

Hi Everyone, 

I've been very blessed this last week or so to have had several lovely parcels delivered by  the postie. I ordered a toadstool house from Lori and here is my wonderful custom design. I asked for a yellow rambling rose, irises and a green door. Here are all the photos from all the angles.

Isn't it fantastic and just in case you've been living in a burrow here is Lori's fantastic blog with links to all her webpages. Her embroidery is just exquisite.

I had a wonderful surprise from Laura last week. She sent me a very cute little crochetted pin cushion and teeny tiny owl charm. I also had some giraffe ribbon and fabric and card toppers. I'm so lucky to have so many talented and generous crafting friends. I've just realised that the pincushion is upside down in the pic, the other side has a funky union jack heart button in the centre.

I had my coaster from the Craftbubble exchange. I'm not really a cat person but this one is rather funky!

Lastly is the uber cute skirt I brought from Kayla's Homemade. It uses vintage Postman Pat fabric and I can't wait to see Lottie in it. Kayla has her own Etsy shop here.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my nonsense!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

June ATC's and Wedding Anniversary presents

Hi Everyone,
Weeks have passed again since my last post and no doubt with the amount of crafting I'm doing at the moment there will be a few more to come over the next week or so.

The travelling craft box arrived with me last week (SQUEEEEEEL!) So I'm having a mad making session. I've made about 6 things so far with another half a dozen in the pipeline. Here's a quick peep at some of the amazing items. I've got my eye on 11 items and it works out that I can have at least one item from everyone taking part which is brilliant.

So more about the travelling box in a couple of weeks when it has landed on Lori's doorstep. I actually managed to take part in one of the ATC swaps this month, I will post a pic of my ATC's when I can work out how to get them off my phone, But here are the ones I've received. The themes were transport and Great Britain.

Hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week and here is my present to him. It was meant for a card but as it was 2am when I finished it the night before I gave him the option of what I should do with it. I had the idea of doing it bell pull style. I just need to run it up on the machine when I have 10 mins. The design was from travel the world in cross stitch.

Here is my present from Hubby...I lost my favourite scissors so hubby kindly brought me a replacement. I also had a needle felting pen to speed up my work and a pulled thread book as I'm doing my first piece at the moment and really enjoying it. This Anchor series of books is so good, I'd love the freestyle embroidery one too.

Well back to watching the tennis and half hour of stitching whilst DD finishes her nap. Postie has just been with something rather special for her, which I will share tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Needle felting and a little cross stitch

Hi Folks,
So has anyone else become a footie widow this weekend? I should be thankful really as I can usually get more stitching done.
I've been doing a bit of needle felting this week as I found a few great tutorials. I need to get some more merino tops this week so I can do a very cute dog. I have my eye on a couple of books on Amazon so I can expand my repetoire. So anyhoo here are my first attempts at something other than beads. 

I'm very pleased with how my little Russian dolls turned out and for first attempts I don't think they're too bad considering they are only 1 1/2" big for the lilac one and just under 2" for the blue one.

I also made a little toadstool, again this is only about 1 1/2" tall.

I also had a go at wet felting and here are the beads I made along with the start of a brooch which once I've fixed it together I plan on adding some buttons or beads ( the heart pins will be removed)

I've been stitching a little too and finished this coaster for the Craftbubble swap. Next on the stitching list is an anniversary card for hubby for the end of next week. I shall get it all ready tomorrow ready to take to work on monday evening. 

Lastly check out Jordan's blog for the Great British Giveaway HERE 

Have a fab weekend friends. xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Biscornu exchange

I know 3 posts in 3 days, what has come over me! The wonderful Jubilee coverage on the television has provided a perfect background to stitch too. This is just a quick post to show the biscornu I finished this morning for a Craftbubble swap. I'm very late getting this done as my M.E has left me unable to do much at all. I received my biscornu from Ivory last week and here it is.

Here is the bottom of the biscornu and the lovely little tag that was attached to the paper it was wrapped in.

So here is the one I'm sending to Ivory. The design is from an old book called 2 hour Country Cross stitch although there are very few designs that fall in the 2 hr category. 

The bottom was just a simple pattern in the same colours and it's turned out much better than expected.

Here's a new picture of my collection, I've missed the April (still in progress) and May biscornu deadlines, but by the time the year is out I will have the 12 I set out to make for me.  I've decided that I can't possibly have too many biscornu!

Thanks for stopping by I'm off to finish the coaster for another Bubble exchange and organise the huge June to-do list whilst I watch the Carriage Procession. God save the Queen!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

JUBILEE and ATC swap

Hello friends,
I write this as I watch the Jubilee River Pageant. We spent the early afternoon at church celebrating the Jubilee with a barbeque, cream tea, bouncy castles, crafts, games and facepainting. I helped with the plate painting (with 7 being produced my family alone.)

I went on the bouncy castle with Lottie and had my face painted when Lottie gave me a cuddle and it transfered off her face to mine! The scones were lovely and well done to friends who braved the rain to do a fabulous barbeque for 200 people! I forgot my camera so no photos I'm afraid. We all dressed for the occasion in red white and blue and of course this meant making some accessories! I made this button necklace and brought this fab bracelet from British Heart Foundation. I also made a corsage too.

I also made Laura a necklace to co-ordinate with the earrings and bracelet I made her a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a thank you for such a superb swap parcel I received a this week. Laura sent me 5 ATC's, a super cute Jubilee Monstie, notebook, tissues, a Giraffe themed bag of buttons and also a bag of buttons and charms.

Laura's button necklace

Here are the Jubilee themed ATC's and Blackwork sampler ones below those.

Next up is the rather cute Jubilee Monstie, complete with her own sparkly crown - we've called her Queenie (of course)

Here is a close up of the charms. I love the stamp one and the mushroom button.

As you may have read on Laura's Blog, She has recently come back from Fowey in Cornwall amd brought me back these lovely bits too. Laura has also posted a crochet pattern for a super cute Jubilee mascot.

So I'll leave it here for today. Pop by tomorrow for Olympic torch tales, baking and jewellery making!