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Saturday, 6 July 2013

101 update

So I've managed to progress a little with my challenge and even tick one off.

So this is where I'm at

Days left: 674
In progress: 28
Completed 14: (13%)

The big tick on the list was to get down the lane for one of the last matches Worcester City played at their home ground. City need a new ground and despite lots of attempt by the club they haven't secured a new ground but will share with another local club (and bitter rivals). City's ground has been sold off to raise capital. my late teens and early 20's I could be found on the terraces watching City and on the away coaches too, so the first thing to go on my list was to see city play for a final time at St Georges Lane. I missed the last league match and didn't think I'd be able to tick this one off, until they announced a legends match v Liverpool (who City famously beat in the 1959 FA cup) Well I got a ticket and spent a lovely warm June afternoon watching the blues. Liverpool fielded a team of former players including John Barnes.

I tried out another restaurant for my '5 new restaurants thing' Altafs is a fairly new curry house and I had a lovely lamb pasanda, and shared pilau rice and naan with my friend. It was very good and makes me realise we have some great restaurants in the city. So that is 2/5 completed

I'm going fairly well with books and I've read over 1/3 of my height in books now (about 2")

I completed another RAK as I sent a parcel of goodies to Laura as she was having  a very hectic few weeks at work. Chocolate and fabric always make you smile and I made a pair of purple beaded earrings too.

I've challenged myself to collect 101 postcards too. I've been buying them whenever we have a day out or a holiday. I've got 28 postcards now and I have been lucky that some of my penpals, blog friends and friends have sent me some too. I've put them all in an album to keep them nice. It has inspired my son to collect them too. If anyone would like to send me one please let me know.

So there we have it, another update. I'm pleased things are moving along with my 101.


  1. Sweet rak :)
    I am sure laura will love it..
    Big hugs x

  2. Great progress! I'd love to send you a postcard, though unfortunately things are a bit hectic now, so maybe by the end of the summer? Let me know if that's all right with you!

  3. Bittersweet isn't it? I felt that way when they closed Roker Park.
    Let me have you address and I'll send you one of our postcards

  4. Well done on the reading, can't stitch in this heat so I have been reading instead.

  5. Excellent progress! And thank you again for my parcel- it saved me!! (PS love the new blog colour/design!)

  6. Lovely RAK--glad she likes it! I would enjoy sending a postcard... just email me! Hugs!

  7. Brilliant! Ohh! I can send you some 'Cornish' postcards if you like? Should have thought of it before.


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