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Friday, 22 November 2013

Travelling Box makes round 3

Hello bloggerland,
I told you all about my picks from the travelling box in my last blog so here are my makes, they are all sat on a shopping bag I embellished. Some bits aren't in the other pictures, they are the scrappy cushion made by Thom with a little help and the 2 bookmarks, one is the hexagon one and the other is the stitched keep calm one.

Here are the jewellery makes, a crocheted bracelet with seed beads and chainmaille earrings made by me and earrings, bracelet, ring and also the stitch markers made by Thom, my 8 yr old


I love this little saying and so true too! I've stitched it once before. Steph gave me an idea for something a bit different with it, so I might stitch it for me at some point. I had to do a biscornu too. Biscornulicious as Steph said!!!

A little biscornu kilt pin brooch. A mad idea that grew from the biscornu  jewellery I've made in the past. I must order some more pins to make myself one.

And lastly the bits and bobs - macrame by my hubby, feltie bear, nail file case and  crocheted corsage.

I don't expect the travelling box will be back until late spring now, but already the ideas are flowing! 

Next up the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday :-)
Thanks for reading :-) 


  1. Everything is so sweet...
    Big hugs x

  2. Fantastic makes! I like how you get your whole family involved in crafting. Some great pieces here! :D

  3. Wow some really great makes there Kerry! From Thom and Andrew too :-)

  4. Lovely makes Kerry, I LOVE your biscornu jewelry. Please keep making it ^_^


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