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Monday, 20 January 2014

Stitchy Rotation - the first round

Hi everyone

I decided this year that the only way to get a nice mix of large projects for me and still make gifts and swaps was to try a rotation. I decided to go for a 3 week rotation running Monday to Sunday. 

Week 1 is my a big project which currently is my anchor sampler. Here is where I start the next round of it. I'm going to try and get more of the borders done. 

Week 2 is my WIP/UFO week, I'll be starting or rather restarting Game of Thrones next week. When all the WIP's in the basket are done it'll become medium sized projects. 

Week 3 is my smalls week - all the cover kits, biscornu and other little things too. 

So I've done a week of each and I really feel pleased with how it is working. I've had 4 finishes (oh yes there are 3 more happy dances) 

I did the heart that was free with this months cross stitcher. I think it's too big for a key ring so it's hanging off my craft light. The second was the panel for the notebook from this months CS crazy. 

The third was the Needlecraft Haven SAL piece that is all stitched but needs making up. I'll show you that once we've had the reveal on the forum. It was a sweet little design. The SAL this year is to do12 Christmas ornaments.

So wish me luck with the sampler. I keep looking at it and thinking I'll never get this done! 



  1. Great stitching. The heart came out beautifully, I must stitch mine up, but I agree, they are too big for key-rings much more suited to ornaments.

  2. The heart looks lovely as does the little stitchy notes design. Your rotation sounds to be working well Kerry...keep it up!

  3. Lovely update on the sampler & that heart is so sweet!!! Makes a lovely ornament :) Have fun x

  4. A rotation does sound like a good idea. I wonder if I'll need to do something like that with some of my embroidery projects/latch hooking so they all get worked on... it would be tough though as I do so many different kinds of things!

  5. Lovely stitching Kerry! You're really making lots of progress with the rotation! Great idea :-)


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