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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

June GG

Hello friends, 
I've noticed a couple of new followers too so a big welcome to you too. 

Gifted gorgeousness is upon us again so time to share what I've been stitching that falls into the gifted category. Thank you Jo for being our lovely host as always. 

The travelling box is here so I've been making for that. I've made 10 things including jewellery, pincushions and other small stitchery's. I'll reveal all that next month. So back to this month and I've made 2 necklaces using the wooden pendants and been working hard on the sampler too. 

Firstly gifted to others... The necklaces. I made a button and loop closure on this one using some pretty variegated cord I had. And stitched it in Anchor perle cotton shade 1375

Next up was the one I showed you last month, stitched for my best friend's birthday yesterday. I just went with a simple silver snake chain. 

So on to the sampler... As you know gifted to me by the in laws and abandoned for a good 18 months. I picked it up 10 days ago and stitched on it for the weekend and got to this point 

5 days later I was here...

The band across the middle took 3 days. I think it was because it was so tedious. 

Then came the urn and the hedge

And a bit more hedge and what will be steps when the back stitch is added. 

So as it stands today we have a fruit tree

I love the colour it has added. We are calling it the plum tree as my daughter decided we needed to identify what it was. 

So this week I'll be stitching the final square of the ABC sal and finishing up a birthday present. 

Have a great week and happy crafting. 


  1. You've made fantastic progress on the sampler! The pendants are lovely too, I really like stitching on those perforated wooden blanks

  2. You have made great progress on the sampler. Lovely pendants.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your sampler is really coming along. Love it!

  4. Wow, huge progress on the sampler!
    It looks great, as well as the wooden pendants.

  5. What great progress! Love the necklaces too.

  6. It is so pretty! I love the colors. I'm sure the gift will be appreciated. Great job on it so far.

  7. Terrific projects one and all.

  8. Lovely stitching! It's really coming along :D

  9. Pretty gift necklaces.
    The samplers growing well.

  10. Your sampler is looking prettier and prettier and the necklaces are such fun! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend, Kerry!

  11. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The wooden pendants are so nice and the sampler looks amazing! I love the colours and the chequerboard hedge too.

  12. That sampler is gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying it now you've picked it up again. I like those wooden pendants too, great gift idea.

  13. Wiw you did loads on the sampler! As a fellow cross stitcher i know how many hours that wiuld have taken!

  14. Such a pretty, pastel palette in the sampler - I really like it. Great progress.

  15. Your stitching is lovely, and I like the cords you chose for your pendants. They are very pretty.

  16. I adore your necklaces, the colours of the hearts are beautiful. You managed to stitch so much over the 10 days and it looks amazing. Brilliant job!
    xo Alicia


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