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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness

Hello friends

GG time again, hosted by Jo at Serendopitous Stitching where we celebrate stitchy supplies gifted to us or stitching we will gift to others. It's been a pretty rubbish stitching month I must say, I've barely made progress on anything. 

First up is Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas. Day 5 is finished except for the 5 golden rings as I don't want to crush the metallic thread so I'll do that at the end. I've started day 6 too. So I'm using gifted threads from hubby. (And the chart was gifted by the designer)

I got out my small floor frame as I was finding my hands were aching holding a hoop. I have a larger floor frame which is great for big frames but not so much for hoops. My little one can hold both but doesn't maintain the position with heavier  work. 

I'm going to do this kit that I won in Sarah's giveaway earlier this year for one of the Minister's at church, his wife gave birth last week so it'll be perfect for them. If I can ever sort the threads! 

I've been lucky to win two other giveaways recently... Jo was very kind and sent me Elizabeth Shephard as she has finished hers and I won the sweetheart tree chart too in the GG giveaway. Mii hosted her Blogversary giveaway and I won the blackwork kit. Yay go me! 

It's my 5th Blogversary today (ignore my side bar - it's wrong!) so I'll be launching a giveaway later with the chance of winning one of 5 prizes! 



  1. I enjoyed your post - Actually the part about sorting the thread was a perfect comment, and it made my day. Thank you

  2. 12 Days looks great and what wonderful charts. I'm not fond of sorting commercial kit threads either.

  3. Good progress on 12 days. Sorting threads for a kit can be PITA sometime..haha
    Yay for giveaway wins...Aren't stitchy people the most generous lot?
    Happy 5th blogversary ..here's to many more.

  4. Happy blog anniversary!!
    Great stitching update and lovely new project, once you've managed to sort out the threads ;)
    Fantastic wins, plenty to keep you busy.

  5. Great progress! And lots of goodies. I hope you enjoy that kit (once you sort the threads)! :D

  6. Great stitching on the 12 Days and fantastic gifts and ideas!

  7. The twelve days are looking gorgeous. Great gifts too

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. You've certainly got plenty to keep your GG posts going for a while. Love the 12 Days too. I must make a decision what to do with mine.


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