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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - February

Hello friends

Gifted Gorgeousness time again hosted by the fabulous Jo at Serendipitous Stitching where we show what we've been stitching that has been gifted to us or that we will be gifting to others - be it using a kit, fabric, threads, chart or embelishments.

So I had a very successful start of the month. I met up with my lovely craft friend Caroline who used to work in the office downstairs from mine and made her a little gift as I hadn't seen her in quite a while. I stitched the Heritage Crafts Butterfly and Buddleia needle book kit that was gifted to me by Laura when she had a clear out and I knew I'd stitch it for Caroline and was one of my 17. The finishing was a bit fiddly, it might have been due to the fact I stayed up really late to get as much stitching done then got up really early to finish it off and make it up.

I was a bit lazy and added beads instead of french knots and put a little quilting charm on the back as Caroline loves to quilt.

Next up I finished the winter biscornu...oh yes I finally finished the biscornu and it only took the weekend.

I won Christine's little competition and she sent me this awesome cross stitched tea strainer that I now have hung up in the kitchen.

It's so clever how she has done it.

Joan won my guess how many biscornu competition from last year and I sent her this little blackwork kit as I knew she fancied trying it and a couple of stitchable pendants.

Now if  anyone would like to give me the gift of a stitchy bug, I'd be most grateful...mine has wandered off 😞 I'm hoping it comes back this weekend, Focus Finish February for Theme-Tas-Stitch is looming next week and I'd quite like something to show for it.

Happy stitching. 


  1. Oh that's a lovely needlecase and biscornu. Congrats on winning Christine's clever crafting

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. That needlebook is gorgeous and it's a double gift too, so double GG points LOL.
    I love the tea strainer, such a fun project. Congratulations on completing the Winter Biscornu while we are still in Winter too.

  3. I love your bisornu! They are always fun to make, aren't they? :)
    The tea strainer is such a great idea and it looks really good.

  4. That's a lovely needle book you stitched and finished for your friend. I started this little piece quite a while ago and should finish it, too. I want to make it into a card. Great winter biscornu.

  5. What great stitching....but that tea strainer is just amazing!

  6. Beautiful stitching! The biscornu looks great - congrats on the finish! :D

  7. The needlebook is beautiful. Great biscornu as well

  8. I love your needlecase and biscornu, they are both gorgeous! How clever is the tea strainer?

    I'm full of stitching mojo trying to get a finish this month for Theme-tas-stitch! I don't think I'll be there by the 21st but month end is still a possibility. I'm glad it's smalls month next month though, I'm ready to have lots of finishes.

  9. Kerry, I found your blog through Tiffany (TIffstitches) and I really like it! Your needlebook is absolutely gorgeous. I enjoy a good biscornu, too. I've stitched and gifted several. Someday I'll make and keep one for myself. Maybe.

  10. Kerry, you outdid yourself with some of the most difficult FFOs(atleast as per me) - needlebook and s biscourno. Both are beautiful.
    Such creative gift from Christine.

  11. Lovely stitching on your needle book, (I have a bookmark kit from that series somewhere .... Maybe I'll stitch that soon, having seen how pretty yours is!) and a beautiful finish! Love the biscornu finish too!

    What a pretty gift from Christine, sooo imaginative!

    Barbara x

  12. Looks like you already have some lovely finishes. I think they count for Theme-tas-stitch as well! The butterfly and buddleia is beautiful. I prefer the look of beads to French knots. And I adore that biscornu...such cute snowmen!

  13. Both finishes look fantastic! Christine's gift is so unique, it looks great.
    Please share your stitching bug when you get it, mine is missing too!

  14. Pretty needlecase and gorgeous biscornu.
    Christine does come up with some fabulous ideas, a great prize to win.


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