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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Back for 2019

Hello friends!
It’s been almost a year since my last post and it seems when life gets busy blogging is one of the first things I let go. Technology has played a big part as the demise of my laptop coupled with the blogger app for the iPhone no longer being supported has meant it’s really difficult for me to blog with ease. But you’re here for the craft so let’s draw a line under 2018 and I’ll show you what I’ve been doing this month. 

I love Instagram and I’ve chosen to participate in the #stitch9challenge where we chose 9 projects to focus on for 2019. These are mine:

I even have a finish! This is Merry String by Lizzie Kate, stitched in mostly called for threads on a piece of random 28ct opal from sparklies. I loved stitching this and that’s probably why it was my 2nd finish in January. 

I also finished my Lizzie Kate flip it stamp for January stitched in a mix of called for DMC and random Jodyri threads, fussy cut to best work for the design. February’s is the plan for Saturday.

My two other wips for this month are Prairie Schooler’s Where there are bees, stitched on random fabric flair 28ct with the called for DMC. 

Main Street by Country Cottage Needlecraft is the last project for this month and if anyone has watched my flosstube will know that I’m turning it into a Gilmore Girls themed version. 

The flower shop has remained that but with 1000 yellow daisies. The bookstore has become Doose’s market and the gazebo needed very few changes at all! Here is what the original looked like from the CCN website...

... and here is mine so far! I love this piece! 

Thanks for reading if you made it this far and for keeping my blog in your reader. Just in case you were wondering whether my blog name was relevant...I made over 20 biscornu last year so, yup I think so! 

Happy stitching friends.


  1. Hello Kerry, lovely to see a post here.
    Great projects you plan to work on this year, two lovely finishes for January

  2. Nice to see a blog post again! Great choices for your Nine. I keep considering Instagram but I really don't need another form of social media LOL.
    Great work on Main Street, I don't know the Gilmore Girls show so I am missing the significance of the changes!

  3. Hello Kerry,
    Nice to see you posting again. I’m not on Instagram so haven’t seen the stitch challenge. Don’t know Gilmore Girls either!Lovely LK finish! Great work on all your other pieces. Good to see your stitching plans for the year.
    Barbara x


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