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Sunday, 9 September 2012

So much to tell...pt 2

I''ve had a few new followers recently so welcome to Sam, Mii and Sarah. Thanks for following and taking an interest in my nonsense.

So as I mentioned yesterday Laura came up to visit me for the day and came armed with her crochet hooks to teach me the basics. We had a little wander around the town and I took Laura to the two fabric shops and we stopped for a drink in House of Fraser. We came back to my house for an afternoon of crafting. I learnt how to do double and treble crochet and it may only be tiny but here is my progress. You can see it with the pretty little stitch markers that Laura made for me too. Laura was an excellent teacher, despite the mild panic when I announced I was left handed! I did learn to do it with my right hand and it wasn't awkward at all.

Laura being Laura came armed with presents for us too. As well as 2 cross stitch books and a jar of her Mum's strawberry jam, She made me a very cute Kokeshi doll and a stunning Chinese lantern biscornu.

And for Thomas a little puppy dog. As most of you know all my Ami's live in a basket in my lounge and
Thom has now asked me to get a wicker basket for him as he has 4 ami's and feels he needs storage for them. (bless). The puppy has been named Pippin.

Lastly out of her Mary Poppins-esque bag, Laura produced this hexagon quilt kit for me. She had made me a template, started me off with a few hexagons and given me a little bag of fabric too.

So naturally I spent yesterday evening making my paper hexagons and sewing a few ready to begin my putting together.

This morning I sat and cut up lots of fabric so I'm off to spend the afternoon tacking the fabric onto the papers. I now have the potential to make about 100 hexagons with what I've prepared I'm just going to make a few sheets of hexagons ready to cut out (well one and photocopy it a few times) then I'm good to go.

Laura has put up the first part of the tutorial to make one if you fancy a look on her blog.

Thanks for reading. xxx


  1. aww sweet..i am also learning to do crochet..
    beautiful doll and biscornou..
    cute pup and lovely quilt blocks..
    sending you hugs xx

  2. Fab! I love the Chinese lantern biscornu ☺

  3. Excellent progress setting out the quilt! And definitely a good idea to lay it out in rows, I'm still trying to get back to a roughly square layout after starting off in a sort of circular fashion!! Sorry about the mild panic when you said you were left handed, lol! Super progress on the crochet though. That's cute that Thomas now wants a basket for all his ami's ;-) I'm glad you liked the goodies. I realised that I completely forgot to photograph the lovely threads you gave me for my blog, they'll be up in my next post, apologies! Can't wait to stitch something with them :-)

  4. I'm really glad you had a good time and learned some new things too. I look forward to seeing progress on your quilt and crochet. Maybe you can crochet Thomas an ami basket now.


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