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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

101 update (about time too)

Hello and warm greetings to you all, and a big welcome to my new follower Katy. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Anyhoo, I sat and realised this morning that I've really been neglecting my 101/1001 challenge so I set about updating the site and writing a catch up post, Nothing overly exciting and a couple of pictures, but here goes.

The Stats:
Days remaining: 922
Things completed: 5
In progress: 23

I've been reading a fair bit, and here are some of the 101 reads, I've included the Roald Dahl books, after all I am reading them even if it's outloud to Thom and they are brilliant stories. I'm currently reading The taming of Annabelle by M.C. Beaton. She is one of my favourite authors and I have about another 10 of her books waiting to be read from the Six Sisters series and also another series that slips my mind as they are all at Mum's waiting for me to pick up. So the 9 books I've read so far make up 6"...only 5 foot to go to reach my height so does that mean another 90 books? eek!

One of the fun challenges is to actually do some stuff from my pintrest board. The snowflake feltie  I made for the Christmas box was one of them. I also have a crayon one to do, so if anyone knows where I can get very cheap silicone cupcake moulds I'd be most grateful. I'm looking for hearts, christmas trees, hearts or something that basically isn't round. I don't want to spend anymore than 2 or 3 quid as they're only for a craft and couldn't be used for food after. The frustrating thing is that I've seen them in my local poundland before, but now I actually want them, do they have them...You've guessed it. No.

Another one of my challenges is to do a craft swap someone I've not done one with before. If anyone would like to do this please can they comment on this post. I'm flexible with the timescale and to a degree with what I can swap. I can't crochet Ami's or knit so that rules those out, but I'd be happy to do a biscornu or another stitched item such as a christmas decoration, ATC's , bookmark, etc or a feltie of some description. Please only do this if you really will commit and come through with this.
Lastly I completed the Hello Kitty biscornu for my daughter. The pattern was from here. It's a french blog and you will have to search to find the pattern, but there are tonnes of patterns on it. This is a 2010 freebie, so that should help you find it easier as I was having trouble linking it properly. I altered the colours slightly to ones I had to hand. Lottie loves it. I've sewn on a couple of HK beads which look like She is wearing earrings and sewed a charm to the back. I'm also using this for my basket of biscornu challenge for the August one as would you believe that's when I started it. Good thing I brought a new bowl to display all my biscornu in. I'll only be 3 months behind then!

Here's the back...

And finally joining the biscornu family in the bowl (I have 24 now with another 6 joining by the end of the year!!!)
For my new followers - not all are made by me, Laura, Steff W, Steph O, and Ivory have all fuelled my addiction :-D

Well thats it for today. Thanks for reading and happy crafting friends. xx


  1. wowwwwwwwwwww i love the biscornou so much..
    yummy books..
    lots of love for you xxx

  2. Just to say hi, a new follower from Stephs blog - off for a goody nosy xx

  3. Doing well Kerry :-)
    Love the Hello Kitty biscornu and Roald Dahl books are just classics - so many happy childhood memories! xx

  4. OMG, look at all these biscornus!!! I love the Hello Kitty one...

  5. I love love love the Hello Kitty biscornu! I've been looking for things for my daughters stocking so am going to make this for her. Thank You!


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