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Friday, 19 October 2012

Travelling Craft box...the Christmas one!

Hi everyone,

So here is what has kept me occupied for a few weeks, It's now arrived with it's first recipient Steph, you can visit her blog here - check out the green men, they are amazing!

The travelling box has been so much fun to do that we decided to do a Christmas version, so I kicked it off and here is what I made for the box. It did feel a little odd crafting for Christmas in September/October but I'm really happy with what I made.

Here's a  little snowman gadget case - It might get cold and the phone get a little chilly! it could be filled with sweets though.

Next up is a bracelet, I love the colours and the little holly leaves were so sweet. You can see the matching earrings in the 'group' photo!

I stitched 4 bits and here is the first and also the first thing I stitched - a little Mouseloft kit - the perfect size for a coaster.

I didn't want it all to be just Christmassy so I made this little kilt pin brooch with a more wintery feel. There are matching earrings too. 

Next up is this snowflake feltie decoration. I found the design on pinterest, with a basic tutorial so I thought I'd give it a go. The good thing about this is that it also falls into one of my 101/1001 challenges which was to make 5 things I'd pinned from pinterest. 1 down 4 to go. I have showed a few friends this and now I have at least 5 more to make now. The original design didnt have sequins on but I was glad I added them.

Ok, we're about half way through now... Christmas Tree feltie with jingly bells, 3 more of these to make too!

This biscornu is a card design from a recent Cross Stitcher. The original chart had 'Neon' colours, so I changed them to give it a modern twist, colour wise. I tried a beaded tassel at the end which I quite like how it looks.

A little french knitted robin, I love this one and it is probably one of my favourites in the box. I'll be making a fair few of these. It's a great thing to sit knitting on the bus using the dolly that my Grandad made me, and out of the 4 I have, my absolute favourite to use along with my funky green crochet hook!

So, probably the trickiest thing to make - the Noel cube from Kincavel Krosses. I wanted to make this last year but didnt get round to it. I was one of the first things on my list to make. I ended up simplifying the border round it and adding beads to it. I think it's my own colour scheme too (although red and green is hardly a scheme!) I've only put on the one view as you can see 2 other sides in the group pics. It was a bit of a fiddle to sew up, more so than the biscofleur I made back in the summer.

So below is most of the box contents including both pairs of earrings I mentioned earlier.

Below is the box all ready to go complete with the last thing I made for the box, the heart wreath sachet. Such a pretty design and it's backed in holly fabric, but not the one I've used as a background above. (I have several different holly fabric designs - who knew there could be so many!) I also put in a little fabric panel decoration for each person and a little bar of chocolate each...well it's Christmas!!!!

Phew! That's the lot! I've had a couple of craft-free days whilst I plan my next move (I am a craft ninja!) I'll keep you posted on the box's travels as it moves round the UK from the South West to the North East and places inbetween.

Time for a cuppa and a biscuit or 3! Thanks for reading. xxx


  1. Wow all the goodies are so lovely...super cuteeee
    Hugs and love deary for you always xxx

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And thanks for getting me even more giddy about christmas! :-)

  3. Love all the goodies, it's xmas before xmas!! The Noel cube is just fantastic

  4. Wow it looks gorgeous! You've been quite busy making all these crafts, and they look fantastic!

  5. They are all such lovely goodies!

  6. wow,you made so many different things, all so different and all lovely!

  7. As Craig would say- FAB-U-LOUS! :-D

  8. ^_^ I'm just about to update my blog with my picks...well! I keep saying I'm just about to, but I've been distracted for the last 20 minutes or so with catching up with everyone else ^_^ The box is absoultely amazing and full of so many beautiful things, I had a fab time making my picks.Posted it on it's way this morning^_^Before I could change my mind!


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