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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hexagon quilt update

Hi everyone,

After having a mad making month for the travelling craft box I decided to spend a little time not stitching as I wanted to be refreshed  for when I do my summer birthday/exchange/anniversary stitching in June and July. I decided that my quilt had been rather neglected and I've been sent some lovely fabric recently by Steph and Laura so time to add it in.

So I had a sort out of all the fabric that needed to go in, there was around 60 different fabrics there and then I found a pile of hexagon shaped pieces I'd already cut in the box...

Made a few heaxagons (100 to be exact) I did have 98 by the time I'd done all I wanted but decided that was a weird number and needed to be rounded off!

and set out add a few more rows. Here's the last picture I blogged.

And here it is today. The last 4 on the bottom row need sewing in, but they are the ones I want to put in.

I'll be finishing off the pile of hex's I have left later as one more row should see it squared off. Then it'll be time for a huge hex making session again, or rather the start of the summer stitching. I'm really pleased with how much I've done, It's almost doubled in length in a week!

Tomorrow I launch my giveaway to win a kit to start your own hexagon quilt!


  1. Wow your quilt is going to be so lovely ..
    Hugs x

  2. Its looking great - I have a hexie cushion on the go, well I say on the go I havent touched it for months :-( ran out of bits of material, but I might need to move it back up the to do list after seeing yours xx

  3. Kerry. Its looking great. Such lovely clouers. Hugsd

  4. It looks fantastic! You've made a heck of a lot of progress. Great job! :D

  5. Wow!!! This is going to be seriously colourful!! I love it! :D

  6. Woah! You have done loads Kerry! That is fab! ^_^ xox

  7. Look at all that lovely fabric!! Looking brilliant :-D


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