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Monday, 5 August 2013

Kids Life Ministries

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your lovely comment on the swap Steph and I did. I hope you are all keeping well. I thought I'd just drop by and share a little update from my friend in Thailand who lives and works at a childrens home there.

Jennie came home to visit last month and I had a lovely evening with friends catching up with her and hearing all what the children have been up to there. Jennie brought back with her some of the earrings and cross stitch the children have been doing, in the hope she could sell a few and earn a little money for the girls.

As you can see there was an awful lot to choose from. I got a pair of earrings each for Steph and Laura as they had both been very generous and sent lots of beads and charms for the girls last year.

I sent the lilac ones to Steph and Laura and the green star ones were for me. They were all packaged really nicely with the name of the girl who had made them on the back. Mine were made by Nok.

Some of the girls had also been cross stitching and made little keyrings. Here is mine. This was stitched by New. 

Part of the reason the girls learn cross stitch is that it is often featured on traditional Thai clothing, so it is important that they learn traditional skills. Some of the older girls also learn a type of Thai loom work to make bags and other things. Because the girls (and boys) come from a childrens home they are heavily discriminated against by most of society so by learning these skills and also the English language they get a a better chance at work and education.  

I must finish sorting out some fabric and threads for them as another friend is going out next week and she can take them to Jennie for the girls. I love to hear what they've been up to and hope my lovely blogger friends didn't mind me sharing this with you all.

Look out next week for the start of my blogversary giveaways!


  1. How lovely, good luck to the girls in their fundraising.

  2. Please keep sharing all that the girls have been up to. I for one love hearing about it. They all made such beautiful things and those earrings are so perfect for you. I loved mine so much.

  3. How sweet! It's great that they have an opportunity to earn a little money and improve their lives. What lovely work!

  4. What a lovely idea and some really lovely work,

  5. I think you can easily take these skills for granted, but realise how valuable they are when you hear of a project like this. Lovely idea, and pretty items.


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