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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tusals and a 101 update.

Ok so the post I started writing for last months TUSAL didn't get finished, but I did take a picture so here are my June ORT's. Most of the colours are from things I made for Laura's birthday. Lots of silver bits from Dorothy's shoes, the red, blue, yellow and green from the biscornu and pinks from the piggy keyring.

So here you can see it with our lettuce crop - it's the only thing that is thriving in our garden other than the weeds. It actually ticks off one of my 101 too which was to grow something from seed.

So here is this months ort pile...

I had a bit of a tidy up in my craft corner - not that you'd notice now and that is a job for this afternoon as we have friends down tomorrow.
As I've already caused much excitement with my lettuce here is a bit more of a 101 update.

so we are now at 638 days to go with 27 goals in progress and 16 completed (15%)

The lettuce was a tick as it was the grow veggies from seed. It's been lovely to just go into the garden and pick some leaves for a salad or to pop in with a sandwich.

The other tick was make ice cream from scratch. I was at my Mum's last week and the kids were watching the cbeebies program I can cook. Katy the host made strawberry meringue ice cream. It looked very easy so we made it at home.

Here it is just before we froze it. I forgot to take an after picture but it didn't look a whole lot different. It was very yummy though!

Thank you to StephLauraChristine and Sarah  for sending me lots of postcards. I'm up to 43 out of 101 so well on my way now.

Sarah also sent me a lovely biscornu, some cross stitch charts, maderia threads as well a the postcards.

The biscornu was blue on the other side. Sarah had said she would send me a postcard to help with my 101 but I didn't expect a lovely parcel like this. Thanks again Sarah!

I mentioned in my summer swap post about the postcards Steph sent me so here they are...

So apologies that once again this is a bit late, I seem to be full of good blogging intentions. Don't forget to enter my blog giveaways - I'm running 4 over the coming 4 weeks so lots of chances to win.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the package! :D I'm glad to contribute to your 101 goals

  2. Hey I recognise all those places in that pile of postcards at the bottom! Not very far from me at all

  3. Your lettuce is thriving, enjoy!
    Lovely parcel you've received.

  4. aww sweet parcel :)
    sending you hugs x

  5. What a lovely Parcel. well done on growing lettuce from seed, Hugs lilian

  6. The icecream does look good. Send my your address and I'll send you a postcard. Can it be from anywhere?

  7. Lovely parcel & the ice cream looks rather tasty :)

  8. Nice update, you've done a fair bit of stuff there to tick off. Very nice parcel from Sarah. Woohoo! on the lettuce, it's so nice to grow stuff and the ice cream looks fab!


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