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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wipocalypse February

Hello all

A couple of days late but here is my Wipocalypse progress and I'm pleased to say there is progress!!! Whoop whoop!!!

I decided to tackle the sewing list as I know the stitching will get done. I've done 2 projects and worked on a third. I also completed Game of Thrones stitch that's waiting to be framed. 

So here are the two completed sewing projects. I started this cushion cover this time last year when hubby brought the fabric as he loves Chinese dragons. I started it and made a mistake on it. So it got shoved in my sewing machine box and ignored. I was sewing this week and thought I could finally get it done for hubby for valentine's day. It's one of those silly things that it actually only ended up taking half hour to unpick and finish. Here it is with the little Mouseloft design I did for hubs for valentines day too. 

The second was the fabric brooch that I started in a workshop at the NEC 2 years ago! Here's the original post. I forgot to take a before photo but this one shows it at the time of the workshop. I'd put in 3 of the rows of bugle beads at some point since. 

So that was where I picked it up last night. Most of the beads were included in the kit I got with the course. I added in last night a few more bugles and the blue and large green beads. 

I'm pleased with the finished brooch. It'll go with a lot of what I wear so I'm looking  forward to wearing it. 

I've been busy making up hexagons for my quilt too so I'm going to get that out and spend an hour or so on it this afternoon. 

Each month Measi is posing a question too...
 How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

I was always a OAAT stitcher until I discovered forums and then blogging. I like taking part in swaps and SAL's and I have a few crafty friends who I love to do swaps with I have a spring themed swap coming up with Steph and the travelling box will be back in the summer. .  I have a basket full of started things (about 10) and a huge list of to-do's. I keep a little note book with a list of anything I need to stitch over the coming couple of months - there are 16 stitched projects in there, all but one are smalls. I'm trying a rotation at the moment too as I don't seem to find the time for the larger projects. This has really helped me get a couple of medium projects finished and  make progress on the sampler too. I have several sewing projects on the go too so I've tried to make time for them even if it means only doing an hour on the quilt on a Sunday and getting the sewing machine out once a month on my Thursday morning of peace! In shout - I always wish there was less started in the basket and blame March Madness entirely!!

 I'm off to catch up on my blog reading this afternoon. Have a good week and I hope my UK readers have all stayed safe in the storms. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your answers, Kerry! :D Great finishes too

  2. Lovely projects you worked on! :)

  3. Lovely cushion and your brooch is beautiful. Sometimes a sewingnot stitching day is needed.

  4. I love the little brooch - it's made me feel quite inspired, and I never can resist anything with beads! I always have several projects on the go - a few small ones, and at least one large one.

  5. WOW that brooch is stunning! Lovely looking hexagons, I must get mine out again... Fab cushion, that fabric is really lovely and a very cute dragon. I used to be a one at a time stitcher, but now I like to have one or two bigger projects on the go as well as doing some small ones.

  6. Lovely cushion and brooch. There is always something nice to see craftwise when I visit here Kerry.

  7. That broach is beautiful! And yay for hexis!!!

  8. Lovely finished Kerry. The dragon cushion is lovely. That brooch is beautiful. I used to be a OAAT stitcher and I am sure I finished more things then!! lol I do tend to remember things in a rose tinted way though so it may not be true at all! ;-) XOX


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