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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Themealicious fantasy fiction February

Just a few days late...oops!
Theme-a-licious is organised by Heather at It's geek to me and is a monthly themed SAL.

So this months theme was...
Fantastical Fiction February

What kind of fantasy creatures inhabit your Works in Progress? Or perhaps some fictional characters have leaped from the pages to your needles? Let's stitch on projects inspired by imagination.

Fantasy fiction isn't really my thing but it is hubby's and one of my wips from last year was this Game of Thrones design. Hubby is a huge fan so this became his valentines present. As you can see it's not been made into any thing yet as I usually give him a choice how he wants it made up. He has asked me to frame this one so it can be hung in our bedroom. 

The chart is from x stitch my heart on etsy. 

This month is March Madness. My plan finish some of the wips from last years march madness! trust me there are a fair few. I'm aiming for 15 projects over the month.

Plenty of choice in the WIP basket! 

Happy stitching friends


  1. A great gift for your hubby!!

  2. fab gift for a man! well, you don't have many wips to choose from - want some of mine?

  3. I love your GoT finish! Where did you get the pattern?

  4. I love that GOT design, I'd like to stitch it myself at some stage. Ooh looking forward to seeing what's in the WIP basket!

  5. Good luck with all your projects! I think you definitely have a challenge on your hands. Love the GoT pattern too.

  6. A great finish, good luck for this month.

  7. Love your GoT picture, they are my favourite two characters from the series. Eagerly waiting the next series to come on TV here.

  8. I haven't succumbed to that show yet, but that is a cute design. Good luck with March Madness...I like your plan!

  9. I love this stitch ^_^ XOX


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