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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lovely surprise post and a couple of little finishes

Thank you for all your lovely coments over the last few weeks. Sorry if I've not replied. My ME has reared it's ugly head and sometimes I just forget to.

I had a lovely surprise in the post a few weeks ago. I won a prize on Christine's blog. She is a brilliant upcycler and a whizz with the sewing machine so she sent me this cute cat, some pretty braid and a wooden stitching blank.

I've had a couple of finishes too. I did the little Royal Guard cover kit from an old Cross Stitcher.

I also completed the February Needlecraft Haven challenge which was a freebie stitch from here.
I loved finishing this one off. Christine chooses some fab designs. It's stitched on some of Steph's hand dyed evenweave.

March is a bit bigger but It's a sweet one. I'm hoping to have time to do it. Other than on my tree I don't have any stitched pieces for Christmas so it'll be nice to frame and hang this one up.

I've also stitched this biscornu from a chart I found on Pinterest. I've tried to find it on the link but the page seems to have 20 other designs but not the one I used. I stitched it in one of my favourite Anchor vari threads. It was a rather belated present for Steph's birthday. Happy Birthday Steph!!

March has turned itno a really busy stitching month, The lovely Steph at Show and Tell (and a different Steph from above!) and I are doing a 4 seasons swap this year with the spring one being echanged at the end of the month. I've already stitched one cute little thing and I have the everything ready for the next stitch. I've lots of ideas for this one so I just need lots of time and a fully co operative stitchy bug. I also have my Mum's birthday and of course Mothering Sunday to stitch for too. I need to make a wedding present for the beginning of April and fit in the NH SAL too. EEK!

Best I get on then! Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Well done on your sweet finishes, they are lovely! Sounds like you have a busy month ahead - hope you're feeling better soon. Happy stitching :-) Helen

  2. A lovely gift from Christine and a cute little soldier design.
    Enjoy March, but take care and rest lots if you are not too good.
    much love x

  3. Wow, you've been busy! I love your finishes, and the great gift from Christine. Enjoy! :D

  4. Great prize! Lovely stitching. I like the stars you added around the little guardsman :-) Looking forward to seeing the makes for the spring swop!

  5. Sorry you've not been well, hope you're feeling better now.
    The extra stitching you did on the felt frame for the guardsman really finishes it off beautifully. Great finish on the challenge piece too.

  6. I'm always falling for your biscornus... and this one is no exception!!! Adorable :)

  7. Haha I think I still have that little guard kit! You make me want to do mine 😊

  8. Oh that is a lovely win Kerry! doing a happy dance for ya. ^_^ I love the little guard, I stitched him for Laura ^_^ Ohh! Glad the fabric is good to use ^_^ I love that Joy stitch. Gorgeous biscornu for the other Steph ^_^ Spring swap is very exciting...oh but hey!! You need to put all of those other makes first!! you will won't you.....tries to be stern...can't do it!! Spring lasts for...however long spring lasts nowadays!!! So we have all the time in the world ^_^ My best love n hugs for you XOX


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