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Friday, 9 January 2015

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

How lovely are your branches...

Just a quick post to show my Christmas tree and all my hand made decorations. This is a collection that has grown over 4 years and has decorations from some of my lovely crafty friends and some carved ones I've brought from our city's annual Victorian Fayre. 

Here is my tree and fireplace. A very good friend came round to film a parody of the John Lewis ad with our Minister dressed as a penguin (perfectly normal!!). Her description was that it looked like someone had vomited Christmas all over my lounge!!!

And here is all of them...

There are 71 on the tree and about 15 round the room. This is the ones that were new this Christmas just gone. I had decorations from Laura, Joan, Lori and Amanda. I was very lucky to win Laura's crafty advent calendar so had lots of lovely ones from her including the penguin, folded fabric star and the cute stitched reindeer. The frilly looking crocheted ones are candy cane holders made by Joan along with santa. Lori sent me a Christmas pud and a star square and my friend Amanda made the tree garland, snowflake and wreath. 

I wonder whether we'll hit the 100 mark this year??? I might give out a little prize if anyone can guess the correct number when I take them down next January 

Thanks for reading, I'll share all my 2015 goals in my next post. 



  1. Wow, that is a lot of Christmas! It looks fab

  2. What a splendid collection, all crafted so beautifully.

  3. Awesome collection!!! I'm really jealous here :D

  4. how lovely to have so many handmade decorations! I could barely fit the new 3 I had this year on my tree, it's already crammed! I also have a set of the pompom snowmen at the top of your first picture, the kit was a present for my stepdaughter one year and we spent an afternoon making them with her grandparents. They're still surviving... just!

  5. Quite a collection! I am hoping to increase mine this year!

  6. What a fabulous collection of hand-made ornaments. I always think they are so much nicer than shop-bought ones, and getting them out every year brings back so many memories. Very beautiful!


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