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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Very late Gifted Gorgeousness

Each month Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts a SAL where we stitch using something that is gifted to us - fabric, threads, finishing bits, kit or chart or that is to be gifted to someone else.

It's one of those months where I've stitched 4 things and all but one are secrets at the moment! I'm stitching is for a birthday present next week. I've given myself until Monday to finish that and then I can make it up Tuesday. It's a fab design from an old cross stitcher mag, bigger than I thought though! Here it is kitted up and ready to start...

I've been stitching things for my Pay It Forward's. I'll share the completed one in a minute.  I'm using mouseloft kits for my PIF's and they're coming on well. The mouselofts are my travel projects and you can often find me in the pub stitching with a pot of tea whilst I wait for it to be time to collect my small people from school. 

So here is my first completed PIF for my pen pal Janet. Can you see a bit of a theme! The ribbon and backing fabric were both gifted to me and I have a feeling this was one of a few mouselofts that hubby brought me a while back. 

It was sent with some stationary too from paperchase (love that shop!) 

Hopefully I'll have a bit more to share in my next post as I've been making a granny square or two! r


  1. Very cute little giraffe ornament :) Even the ribbon is matching... so cute!!

  2. What an adorable ornament. Love the ribbon...it's perfect!

  3. Great ornament! Enjoy your giraffe goodies :D

  4. The little giraffe is adorable!

  5. Gorgeous giraffe ornament!

  6. I LOVED my giraffe!!!! Well actually I loved everything. Thanks so much Kerry xx

  7. I LOVED my giraffe!!!! Well actually I loved everything. Thanks so much Kerry xx

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG in May, very behind on commenting here!

    Looking forward to seeing what the CS project was.

    Love your little giraffe and the perfect ribbon too.

  9. Lovely giraffe stitch <3 XOX


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