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Monday, 3 August 2015

Birthday presents

Hi everyone, 
Bit of a gap between posts again. My internship has been crazy busy with me preparing crafts for our annual church holiday club. We had 170 5-11 year olds doing a different pirate themed craft each day. We made hats, eyepatches, wooden spoon pirates, treasure maps on fabric and other pirates crafts.
There have been a few birthdays recently that I've crafted for. I stitched this toadstool from an old issue of cross stitcher for Lori. 

I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I backed it with red spotty fabric (I think!) 

It was also my friend Amanda's birthday and I made the biscornu that I had showed you in a previous post. I was really pleased with the finished item. It was stitched on a piece of linen that Steph dyed for me. 

Here is one of the bottom too. 

My last make was a crocheted brooch  for my pen pal Lauren. 

I hope you're all doing well and for the UK mums that are reading, I hope you're having a great summer holiday so far. 

Thanks for reading


  1. Beautiful pieces! I love that mushroom :D

  2. Lovely makes, the toadstool is fabulous

  3. Fantastic creations!! I love the toadstool, it looks fabulous

  4. Stunning toadstool... don't think i've ever said that before!

  5. The toadstool house is brilliant and so perfect for Lori. The biscornu looks fabulous. Lovely brooch too. XOX


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