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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Time for a little competition.

Hi friends,

I've not run a giveaway on my blog in a long while so when my lovely giveaway prize came from Christine today it gave me a little idea. To win Christine's prize I had to guess the number of finishes she'd have along with the number of books read and shoes purchased over the course of the year. So here is my competition:

To win random mystery prize you need to guess the answers to the following and comment on my blog with your answer and what your favourite colour is (to help with what I decide to do for prize). I will draw the prize in January 2017. (By which point you wil have totally forgotten that you entered this!)

The questions:
1.How many biscornu and little stitcheries in my bowl?
2. How many biscornu will I stitch this year? (I mean standard 8 sided ones)

So pop your answer in the comments (something like 10 in the bowl and 125 stitched in 2016, favourite colour green) As you can tell that answer is totally wrong but you get the idea. I'll close the competition in the middle of March. 

Happy guessing 


  1. Great idea :-) thank you

    I think you have 30 in your bowl and will stitch 17 biscornus in 2016

    I'm not sure what your colour question is but I guess your favourite colour is dark pink and I know my favourite colour is light purple

  2. Aww super swet idea
    I think you have 30 in that bowl and I think you will stitch almost 12 biscornu in the whole year 2016.
    Your fav color is green and pink.
    Love this fun giveaway x

  3. Ooh fun! I'm going to guess 28 in the bowl, 18 stitched and my favourite colour is teal

  4. I'm going for 28 in the bowl and 21 stitched in 2016. My favourite colours are black and berry colours.

  5. I think 34 in the bowl and 14 stitched for 2016 , great giveaway

  6. Forgot to say my favourite colour is violet

  7. 26 in the bowl, 15 this year (you said you were busy lol) and my favourite colour is green.


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