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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Wipocalypse February

Hello dear friends,

Today saw the children back at school following the half term break. I didn't get a huge amount of crafting done over the holiday as my time was taken up with cake baking (clearing up after children) play dates (clearing up after children) and being a 24 hour cafe (feeding, then clearing up after children). I was really glad to go back to work today! 

On to Wipocalypse...hosted by Measi, sharing each month the projects we want to finish before the end of the world! 

My list is in the 2016 Goals tabs and I've made a bit of progress forward! 

The winter swap is coming along. My fabric has finally turned up so I can do the bottom of the biscornu. The rest of the stitching is done and the book pages laid out and they need sewing up. The blanket is coming on and with the help of a pyjama day during half term I got all the squares done and started to assemble it all using the join-as-you-go method. 

I started the 3rd of the PIF's and I was really pleased with the design until I discovered that the aida blocks weren't  square so it won't sew up properly. I shall save it and make a little sachet or something when I need a small gift.

 I did make up the dolphin one and that has been sent too. You can see it in the gifted gorgeousness post. Tonight's plan is to restitch number 3 and hopefully when I go to work on Wednesday I'll remember to print the last 2 charts. 

Each month we're posed a question...

February - If you have any of your pieces on display in your home which attracts the most plaudits?

My Christmas tree always gets lots of lovely comments as it has over 100 handmade decorations on it in all sorts of mediums made by me and many friends. All year round it has to be my bowl of biscornu. For years it lived by the TV but it moved last week into my newly revamped craft corner. People seem to be facinated by tiny 3D embroidery. 

It also forms part of a little competition I'm running here, there is still plenty of time to enter. 

I'm hoping to have the winter swap done,  the PIF's finished, cards made and the next square of the plum street sampler done. 

You know what they say about best laid plans...


  1. How frustrating to discover that after you'd stitched them!
    I can see why your basket attracts a lot of attention. People must wonder what they are, I'd never seen one until I started following blogs. They are also very tactile, do people pick them up and fiddle with them?

  2. Love the yummy biscornu :)
    Smiles and love x

  3. Lovely work!
    What is the point of aida if the squares aren't square? How frustrating!

  4. Beautiful stitching!!! Shame about the square :( I'm sure you'll turn it into a lovely finish.

  5. I can quite imagine how disappointing the not-square was. I'm sure it will make a lovely sachet, though!

    I do like your little crafting corner. I would probably be poking about in there, too ;)

  6. Maybe it was meant to be a sachet all along! Your biscornu corner is really cool! I can see why it draws so much attention!

  7. Love the craft corner and your collection of biscornus. Lovely, simply lovely.

  8. I'm having a blog reading catch up ..... love the stitched embroidery cards from earlier this month, very effective. Scandi Heart was a nice finish.
    Made a comment on the actual competiton post lol
    Your craft corner does look nice, I think I would have to have a touchy feely moment of your lovely goodies there. Nice blanket that's growing well.
    .....and i think that is all caught up with your news
    Happy Crafting!

  9. Great stitching and crochet! I love the colors you're using for the blanket :D

  10. They are so beautiful WIPs! I love your lovely biscornus. Happy stitching!


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