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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness with a sprinkling of madness

In an attempt to shorten next week's potentially mahoosive Theme-Tas-Stitch post, I thought I'd share a few of my march madness projects that I've stitched on so far as part of gifted gorgeousness.

Gifted gorgeousness is stitching on hosted by Jo of serendipitous stitching.  We post about the projects we have worked on that use gifted elements such as fabric or chart or that is stitched as a gift. 

I have been picking projects out of the JOD with help from DD. The first few projects picked out are all gifted kits or will be gifts and each contain an evenings stitching. 

Top left - Maia Giraffe silhouette - from Mum
Top right - Celtic bird - from Laura
Bottom left - Lizzie Kate friendship grows - stitching for a friend. 
Bottom right - Just Nan Spring frills - blog win from Carolyn. 

I also did a fair bit on my Anchor Traditional Sampler - a gift from my in laws. 

I loved stitching on the sampler again and I only have 1700 stitches to go. It'll be the first thing I pick up in April. 

The last thing is this little freebie design I found on Pinterest stitched in DMC coloris thread. 

So that seems to get me up to date. I'm off to the NEC for the stitching and craft show. I'm very excited! 

Happy stitching friends. 


  1. You have been busy! I love the Coloris thread and I'm glad to see the Anchor sampler has had a turn this month. I'm at the NEC today - hope it's a good show!

  2. Lots of pretty stitching and patterns, I like the Spring frills and the little freebie design done with Coloris.

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The Link-up post is now up. Nice variety of projects for March Madness. Love that Coloris freebie, did they link to the designer?
    Hope you had a wonderful time at the NEC.

  4. Lots of pretty projects . Good progress on the Anchor Sampler. I have never used Coloris thread. How is different from the usual variegated thread. Have fun at NEC.

  5. Very pretty projects. I love the Coloris floss and the Anchor sampler.

  6. Great to see your new starts, Kerry. And the anchor Sampler has seen some great progress. A beautiful piece.

  7. So many great projects for March Madness. I love the Anchor Sampler too.

  8. The samplers grown lots.
    Loving the Spring Just Nan design.

  9. Fantastic!! Been at the NEC at the weekend with Justine and she gifted me a skein of the beautiful dmc coloris. The freebie you've stitched looks gorgeous. Hope you have enjoyed the show too, it would have been so nice to meet you!

  10. That is a sweet freebie from DMC and lots of lovely other GG stitching.

  11. Lovely stitching. I've done the bookmark and coaster versions of that Celtic bird, they come out lovely

  12. I really wanted to join in march Madness but I only managed to stitch on 2 projects, 3 if you include a class i took! I was just too busy... I went to the show too. I went alone for the first time ever and was there 3 hours rather than the usual full day me and mum would take.


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