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Friday, 21 April 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch April link up

Hey friends,

I can't believe that April is 3 weeks through already. Next week is a totally crazy one for us as both kids have their birthdays. DS is turning 12 and is off Karting and having a sleepover with 2 mates. DD will be 7 and is having a jewellery making party with 6 friends. I doubt I'll stitch much next weekend as I'll be an exhausted mess!
So on to Theme-Tas-Stitch. This month's theme was:

April Showers - 
What pieces do you have that contain water? - It might be rain, river, sea or lake - see how many stitches you can make!
 As I said last month this was going be a job for the mighty shoehorn for me as couldn't think of anything in my WIP pile that had water in. I had a root in my Mouseloft pile and found a little seahorse. I have a seaside themed downstairs cloakroom so I shall FFO it for there. I was going to put it on one of the tiny easels & canvas you can get in the Works but the fabric is too small. I said to hubby I should have stitched on blue fabric, so I might stitch a second and do as above, maybe in purples. 

So next month we have...
Monochrome May -
Choose a colour and stitch on your projects that contain that one colour.
I have a plan!! I'm joining in with Maynia in Facebook's Stitch Maynia group, so to combine the both the plan is to stitch one colour from each of my 10 WIP's on the go from March Madness and kill two birds with one stone. 

Link up below and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to.
Happy Stitching 


  1. Superb & colourful seahorse!!

  2. The sea horse is lovely. Sorry I had to back out this month. Looking forward to participate next month.

  3. Lovely sea horse, happy birthdays to the kids, a jewellery party, oh nice! Great theme this month, very inspiring. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to the kids, hope they have a great time.
    Cute seahorse, you could add some cotton fabric to either side and mount him round the canvas? I love those little easels too. Have you tried colouring them with marker pen? Or even tester pots of emulsion? Black marker is great for Hallowe'en.

  5. Great idea to stitch the little seahorse in another color so he can have a friend! The pair will be adorable.

  6. Your seahorse is very cute.

  7. Happy Birthday to your young people, hope they have lots of fun celebrating.
    A lovely sweet finish.

  8. Such a cute seahorse. Good idea to stitch a second one! The easel sounds a great way of displaying them .... ohhh, painting ..... I have painting to do too - a bookstand that I thought might show off some stitching nicely - but only after painting!!
    Sorry to be late joining in!
    Barbara x


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