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Saturday, 8 April 2017

WIP weekend and a couple of finishes.

As its been just over a week since I last posted I thought I'd show you what's been keeping me busy. 

I had a finish last Saturday. I love Gilmore Girls so I knew this wouldn't stay as a WIP long. It's by Wee Little Stitches and stitched on something green and sparkly from a Sew It All grab bag with the recommended DMC. 

I also finished February from the monthly series by Palko Lap. 

I've also been stitching Blackwork Birdsong daily, doing a 6 strand length of thread each day as coverage is 2 over 1 at the moment. When I do down to 1 strand for the infill and the metallics I'll only do a couple of strands. But it's coming along really nicely. The collage shows 8 days of work as the top middle was days 2 & 3. 

I've been using the JOD from March madness to pick my projects for this month and I've set myself a crazy challenge of 10 finishes in April, including some of the small starts from March Madness. It's probably do-able but does include 3 small new starts too. I blame the euphoria of a finish on April 1st for giving me the idea! 

I've also been watching floss tube for the first time this week. That's been lots of fun and I've seen some beautiful projects and gorgeous stash. I joined stitch maynia on FB too and that's just full of enabling too! I've signed up a couple of the designer of the month SAL's to use stuff I have in my stash. I really need to write it on my stitchy calendar though. 

I hope you've been enjoying the glorious spring sunshine if you're in the uk. We had a bike ride to the park this afternoon which was lovely. 


  1. aww such cute stitches...i love them all so much.
    big hugs xxxx

  2. Love Gilmore Girls. It's perfect. Fingers crossed you will get your 10 finishes in April I sort of did the same thing - Started a bunch for March Madness - but hoping I can finish them before the end of 2017

  3. Lovely finishes. I love the thread used for February . Wow so much progress in 8 days on birdsong.

  4. Good luck with the April plans!
    Great stitching on all your projects.
    Enjoy the lovely weather :)

  5. Good luck with the 10 finishes! I have stayed away from Floss Tube, I don't need more enabling.

  6. Great finish and good luck with your April goals! I haven't caught the Flosstube bug yet. :)

  7. Two great finishes and I do love Blackwork Birdsong - good luck with your 10 finishes for April - I am sure that you can do it.

  8. Wee Little Stitches do some fun charts. I like the way you are tackling the Blackwork design too, it really does help make progress without getting bored of the same colour all the time!
    I can see you have been enabled by FlossTube and Stitch Maynia LOL

  9. Love the Blackwork Birdsong, that's gorgeous.

  10. Very nice stitching, Kerry. And such a great Gilmore Girls finish.
    Good luck with your ten finishes in April.

  11. Great stitching! Love the Gilmore Girls finish :D


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