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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Wipocalypse April

Wipocalypse time too (hosted by Measi)and another week late link up! Birthdays, college work (essay on employment rights anyone!) and illness all contributing factors along with the desire just to stitch!

I did loads on Blackwork birdsong which I know is a very new wip. I just need to stitch the metallics and beads that I'm substituting for the french knots.

Progress too on Anchor sampler - I got the right border completed. I had from the green horizontal border down to do.

12 days of Christmas - a start on day 10.

a bit more on the Celtic bird

my new work in progress is my stitching bullet journal!! I'm totally loving creating the pages and have monthly stitching plans, wish lists, inventories and lots more.

Just a really short post. I'm taking part in MAYnia on facebook so I'm working on all my wips and 8 new starts too. SO much fun!

Have a great weekend



  1. Wow, you have been busy this month. Love the blackwork. I do keep a stitching diary but I don't take the time to decorate it as well!

  2. Great progress. I love the blackbird piece

  3. It looks like you've been quite busy. I especially adore that blackwork piece. I've seen people use bullet journals before to stay organized. I may have to take a closer look at it to see if it would help me. Thanks for sharing pictures of all your progress.

  4. Oh you are doing Maynia. It seems as if everyone is having so much fun. I love your Blackwork piece, of that is not really fair - I love all your pieces.

  5. Great progress! I love how the blackwork project is coming along, it is going to look stunning with the metallic!

  6. Wow I love all your projects so much
    The black work piece is so cute
    Big hugs x

  7. The bullet journal is a good idea to keep track of projects, I wish I kept better records of when I had started certain pieces and where I got them from. Your black work piece is so unique, and I like your idea of using beads to replace the french knots.

  8. Beautiful work on everything and great idea about the journal. I'm very bad at continuing with journals, etc., and I hope you're able to keep up with yours, they are very useful!

  9. Gorgeous blackwork piece and love the idea of the bullet journal.

  10. Wow, you've been so busy! Great stitching progress. Love your bullet journal too! :D

  11. The blackwork is exceptional, I love that one.
    A great journal you are decorating and using.


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