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Thursday, 1 June 2017

My first MAYnia!!

I did it, I did Maynia, just 2 months after my own March Madness!

For those who don't know Maynia is a SAL held every May in the Facebook group Stitch Maynia. The idea started as 15 new starts for the first 15 days of May. Now it is very much whatever is manic to you. I chose to do 8 new starts and 9 wips for the first 17 days and then to work on the same projects, rotating daily for the rest of the month. - well that was the plan. I found the tea and cakes SAL and M'lady's Sweet Greenhouse SAL over at Lakeside needlecraft and the second round of rotation went out the window! I did manage the first 17 days though...

Here are my new starts...

Days 11 and 12 from 12 days of Christmas. 
Squirrelly - Mill Hill
May - Palko Lap
A hug and blessings by Lizzie Kate
Bee Keeper - The Drawn Thread
Christmas houses - Maria Diaz (Cross Stitcher kit)

And all the wips that you've seen before

And I even got 4 finishes in the first 17 days.  

I now have a total of 16 wips with it being  very likely up to 20 by the end of June. Now I know some of you out there will be laughing at only having that many when there are stitchers out there with hundreds, but I intend to have all of them finished by the end of the year. 

I've loved doing Maynia and if that wasn't mad enough Jo and I are doing The Longest Day again this year when it was how many we could stitch on on June 21st - I plan to take leave that day and I'm going to spoil myself with stitching!  Feel free to join us! 

Happy stitching


  1. Great job on your finishes and your Maynia. I like your idea and may try it next year.

  2. Maynia has worked well for you, congrats on the many finishes Kerry.

  3. Congratulations on your first Maynia. I like the idea of mixing starts and WIPs. Four finishes is brilliant too.

  4. So beautiful ..I love everything so much .
    Big hugs x

  5. Well done, lots of lovely little x's you put in. 20 WIP's sounds a lot to me!

  6. Great job! That's a lot of stitching. Congrats on the finishes! :D


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