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Friday, 23 June 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - June - Just about

Hello Friends,

Over a week late for GG this month hosted by the fabulous Jo at serendipidous Stitching where we show our stitching that uses gifted items or that will be gifted to others. I just don't know where the month has gone. I have managed to stitch a a fair bit of stitching in including this for my best friend's birthday. It's a long standing joke that she always buys me jelly beans and I always buy her flying saucers. It was a chart from the Emma Congdon chart book that came with Cross Stitch Crazy recently and I changed the word Chocolate to Jelly beans and the brown stitching for green as it's my favourite colour and charted pink worked well as it is Sarah's favourite.

I've been stitching on the Tea and Cakes Sal from Lakeside Needlecraft. It's a free sal designed by Durene Jones and I've stitched it on gifted fabric (14ct and 28ct over one) and with mostly gifted threads.

I've started stitching the teacher cards for DD, I though I was going to get away with just 2 as DS is now at high school, but DD has a different teacher once a week and extra phonics lessons with a 4th so 4 it is!

Lastly I was very lucky to win this lovely chart from Mii. I can't wait to stitch this! 

I hope you've all had a great stitchy month.


  1. Wow! 2x the fun with the tea SAL. I love the colours you've chosen and good job keeping up with both of them. Good luck with your teacher cards!

  2. Love your customized finish for your friend, she will be thrilled with receiving such a personalized gift. That was a sweet chart from Mii, looking forward to seeing it all stitched up. Mary

  3. Such a lovely birthday gift for your friend.Emma Congdon has such good eye for colors. Great use of cover kits for making cards for teachers. Congrats on the giveaway win.
    P.S. Not to sound too pushy, I sent you an email, pls check.

  4. Your finish is so cute and I really like the colors you chose. I haven't started the SAL yet but I love yours on that fabric.

  5. Wow, I can't believe you're stitching the SAL twice! Both versions are totally different but look lovely.
    Cute finish for your friend and good luck in finishing the teachers cards :)

  6. Great stitching, Kerry - I love the piece that you stitched for your friend - Emma Congdon's phrase designs are so on trend at the moment, so very apt stitching.

  7. P.S. I love your Tea and Cakes stitching, too, and congrats on your win - that is a very pretty chart.

  8. Love how you made the stitch for you friend...just perfect! The cake stitch is fun too. I think the cards are going to be really special. And the stitch you won from Mii is fantastic and will be beautiful stitched up. RJ@stitching friends forever

  9. A lovely GG update! I especially like the Jelly Beans stitch for your friend. The way you personalised it is just perfect.

  10. Great stitching for the GG challenge. The piece for your friend looks gorgeous. She will be delighted :) And also lovely cards for your daughter's teachers.
    Interesting to see Tea and Cakes stitched on two different fabric colours.
    Nice pattern that you won from Mii.

  11. Lovely GG stitching! You've done a wonderful job with your friend's gift and with your daughter's teacher's gifts too. And the Tea and Cakes is so cute! :D

  12. Nice gift for your friend.


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