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Monday, 31 July 2017

Biscornu exchange!

Now despite my blog title I don't get to make that many biscornus of late, so when Mini from Miniz Diary made her first one earlier this year and asked my advice I offered to  do an exchange with her when we could both fit it in. So earlier this month the opportunity arose and after exchanging a questionnaire we made each other a biscornu and included some goodies too.

Mini told me one of her favourite animals/birds was the peacock so as I couldn't find a small a small feather design that would fit I used the colours from a pretty freebie design from Sew & So that was designed by Lesley Teare (also one of Mini's favourite designers) and made my own simplified version that included almost a full spool of Kreinik!

I did a simple design for the back that incorporated our names and the date.

I loved making up the parcel and deciding what to put in so I made Mini some beaded items -  a bracelet and earrings in her favourite colours and a hook book mark (made at my jewellery party) and a penguin scissor fob as Mini loves penguins too. I included some DMC variegated threads, a local magnet (to add to Mini's collection) and some chocolate all wrapped up in pretty paper, along with some cover kits that Mini chose.

Mini sent me this wonderful parcel with so many lovely things...The biscornu was a design I was familiar with, I stitched it years ago for a gift so I'm really pleased to have my own one now.

And the back...

Mini also included a detailed letter describing what she had selected all these lovely things for me including a Greek magnet and soap, an increadible bird painting from India on a leaf, a LHN chart, Fig cookies, a tin with charms in and a gorgeous cameo needle minder.

It was so much fun to do an exchange again as it's been over a year since I last did one and I'm looking forward to doing more in the future.

My next post will be for the summer linky party that Jo is hosting so look out for that.

Happy stitching friends.


  1. Such a fun exchange! Love both biscornes, both so bright and colorful.

  2. What a fun exchange that you had. Both biscornus are beautiful. Have a great week! --Andrea

  3. Awww! It was lovely that Mini made you a Biscornu the same as the one you had given away, and yours for Mini was delightful too! Really sweet with both your names too!
    Altogether very thoughtful gifts given and received.
    Barbara x

  4. I saw this exchange on Mini's blog, you both did a great job!

  5. Great exchange, beautifully stitched and finished by you both, nice goodies included too.

  6. It looks like both of you received a great exchange package!

  7. I read about the exchange on Mini's blog so it's lovely to see what you received too.

  8. Thank you for agreeing to participate in the exchange and all the goodies. I was well spoilt. The choice of pattern for the biscornu is perfect for me.

  9. That was a great exchange for both sides, wasn't it? Great and thoughtful choice of the designs and also of the goodies that you both added.

  10. A really lovely exchange. And now I've learned a few things about Mini that I didn't know. :)

  11. I have not made a biscornu in years. Loved reading about your exchange with Mini. Perhaps we should organize and exchange for Christmas. Contact me if you are interested.

    CJ texdelch@hotmail.com


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