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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch August link up post

Hello Friends,

We last left our intrepid stitcher on a quest to complete all the full crosses on Giraffe silhouette and wondering...

If the 900 ish stitches on the tree would be a stitch to far?
If the quarter stitches would be a fraction too much?
If the 3 shades at the bottom would brown our intrepid stitcher off?

So to find out the answers it's time for...

Animalia August -
Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends.
This has been lots of fun. I've had some really good stitching time lately. I'm stitching every chance I get and this is meaning I'm getting a lot done.

I've also been working on Maia Giraffe Silhouette. Here is where I was last week...

I set myself the challenge of trying to complete all the full crosses in the kit which is basically all the black and 3 shades of brown you can see in the cover picture from the kit. It was about another 1600-1800 stitches. This is where I got to...

Oh yes, no challenge is too big! (except for publishing a blog post on time)

I did all the browns, completed the tree and second giraffe and even managed a couple of rows of the burgundy and dark red half stitches. The colour is a bit off in this picture. The fabric is a solid red and the browns darker in real life.

I shared my Mill Hill Squirrelly kit in my GG post, but I FFo'd this week and here it is...

My last little creature is this one...

Tiff suggested that we could stitch dragons too, I'm sure nothing to do with all the dragon wips she has! So I decided to stitch a little one to make a needleminder with as it's about an inch. It was in a chart book from crazy and is by Durene Jones.

 So what did you stitch this month. Here's the linky and don't forget to visit everyone if you can.

 September Smalls -
What is the smallest stitch in your stash? Show us your smalls!

Would you believe I currently only have one small other than my calendar stitch, I'm also down to 6 wips in total!  A while back I stitched a couple of Drawn Thread keepers which are from their free designs section on the website. There are Autumn and Winter ones (no summer though) so I am going to start them and do Rosebud and Pearl for summer. I plan to do the Snow, Santa and Tree keeps too for Christmas ornies too. So September smalls will be 7 projects and big news is that I will be starting Elizabeth Shepard sampler as it is made of small motifs and my cityscape from WOXS as it has lots of small houses! Basically if I can shoehorn a project in I will be as I have ideas for all of my wips. Eek!

Happy stitching!


  1. Your giraffes are progressing very well! I love giraffes they are my favorite animals with otters, but thinking of it I love squirrels too! Yours is perfect. Hugs xxx

  2. Great animals in your stitched collection for this month, Kerry. I do love the giraffes, you made such considerable progress on them since the last time.

  3. Great work on the giraffes. If the background is all half stitches that will grow very quickly.
    Love the little dragon from Durene, such a cute little stitch.

  4. Love your giraffes Kerry. Are they enjoyable to stitch? RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  5. Your squirrel is adorable and I think your dragon will make a wonderful needleminder. Your giraffes is looking good also.

  6. Great progress!
    Oh, the dragon, love it!

  7. I love your Giraffe project, not a better color palette can be chosen for a silhouette project. I have linked up m entry after failing for few months.

  8. Well done, great progress ...not a stitch put in here for weeks of the sewing kind, lots of knitting happening though (only just done my Aug GG post ooops!)

  9. Wow, amazing progress! You're doing so well :D


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