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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Hello...is it me you're looking for

... probably not, but I'm here anyway!

Hello dear friends,

It's been 2 months since I blogged and I'm sorry I didn't post link ups for theme-tas-stitch, life has been so hectic due to work, family, college and all the other things that take up time in the run up to Christmas. I hardly stitched during November as I decided to do the School Christmas Fair and did my usual thing of making 100 felties in a month. (+40-odd pairs of earrings). I did make time for Flosstube - I guess that is still a new and shiny thing so still holds my attention, and is easier than blogging believe it or not!

So on to the end of year round up, Here is my 2017 plan I posted in January...

Winter biscornu - Completed 05.02.17
12 days of Christmas - Completed 29.10.17
Anchor traditional sampler - Completed 22.07.17
Birth sampler - Completed 18.01.17
Blackwork Seasons - Completed 05.08.17
Bunny card - ditched - life's to short to stitch things you don't like.
Tiger tree decoration - Completed 27.01.17

New Starts - One kit or chart from each year I have been blogging

2017 - Earring kit from cross stitcher - Started 01.01.17 - finished 02.01.17
2016 - Elizabeth Shepherd to be started 31.12.17
         - Celtic Bird - Started 01.03.17 - finished 05.05.17
2015 - Butterflies and Buddleia needle case Started 30.01.17 - finished 04.02.17
2014 -Blackwork bird song Started 29.03.17 - finished 03.05.17
         - Necklace Kit Started 18.03.17 - finished 18.03.17
2013 - Just Nan Humbug Started 04.03.17 
2012 or older  - Maia Giraffe Silhouette Started 03.03.17 
        - Jubilee Heart Started 30.03.17 - finished 07.08.17

So I wanted 17 in 2017 and to only carry 3 wips from the list into 2018 - so that's a win!!!!

I also had an additional 55 starts and finished 46 of them to that brings my total of finishes to 59 for 2017. I couldn't be happier! So what happens to the 10 (including Elizabeth Shepard) they will be carried forward for YEAR OF WIPS...

This is part of the Soulful Stitchers group on Facebook and the challenge is to have at least 15 wips and to finish at least half  so until the challenge begins on 18th January I'll be starting a few new projects to get me up to the 15 I need. I'll do a post in January to show the projects I've chosen.

So here are a few pics of my stitching since I last blogged:
I finished Plum Street Samplers - 12 days of Christmas - stitched on 25 count over 1 with DMC 321 & 470 and FFO'd it. It is my absolute favourite finish of the year. 

Started Blackwork Lady by Lesley Teare from WOXS on my birthday...

Merry Christmas hoop designed by Emma Congdon and was a cover kit with Cross Stitcher.

Joined the Tiny Christmas SAL by Armada designs.

Started the #fancyouthousesal stitching the Michael Powell design from his 20 to stitch book

and discovered Stone Street Stitchworks and started this awesome free design called Winter Village. I'm stitching it on 38ct? I'm not sure, it came out of a grab bag and is tiny!

I've celebrated my birthday and got some lovely stitchy gifts, including stashquisitions at the NEC and stitchmas haul too!

Stitch from stash 2018 will be a breeze!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have managed to get some stitching in too. I hope 2018 brings you health and happiness and lots and lots of stitchy time. 



  1. Hi, how lovely you posted again! You had a successful year, congrats!

  2. Your 12 days of Christmas is beautiful and I love how you finished it! Wonderful new stash too.

  3. Your 12 Days piece turned out so cute! I like all the fancy bits you put on the frame; that's great. You had a lovely productive year and have enough to make 2018 just the same! :D

  4. Nice to see a post from you. Love the way you finished the 12 Days design.
    The Armada SAL is sweet but it's begging to be stitched over one!
    Well done on your goals this year, great work.

  5. Lovely stitching, your 12 days finish is fabulous

  6. Well done you completing so many of your goals this year.
    Stunning finish to the 12 Days, I love it!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year xx

  7. Great work you were doing last year. You have accomplished a lot. And what a nice haul for Christmas.
    I hope this stitchy year will be just as successful for you.

  8. Congrats on meeting so many goals and love,love, love how you finished your 12 Days!

  9. Your stall for school fair looks interesting, I'm sure its a lot of work . Wow 59 finishes, may be the highest among all stitchers. I love all your new starts specially the blackwork lady-hey that's you..ha ha. The way you finished 12 days of Xmas is just amazing .
    Belated happy birthday. Great birthday stash.

  10. 2017 would have been a great productive year for you and your stitching. 12 days of Christmas looks great! I love your idea of stitching a few of Michael Powell, his designs are all so pretty.


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