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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sooooo warm

I'm loving this glorious weather, It's been very hot doing the school runs this week. I shall enjoy it before I have to trudge up the hill in the wind and the rain. I can't believe DD is in the garden in a sun dress in October - it's mad really.
I was very excited to receive my ticket to the HobbyCrafts show Thursday morning. I'm rather excited about catching up with Rachy and shopping until we drop!
Pluto finished
I've been stitching the little Disney kits that I shared with you all last week. I've not really had any motivation, coupled in with a migraine that has knocked me sideways for 3 days which means for such tiny kits they are taking an age.  My thread order came Wednesday so I've bobbinated them and I'm all set for my projects until Christmas now. I stitched a quick card for my friend Keira this week too. I met her and 2 other friends in the pub opposite school for a Birthday breakfast Thursday morning which was lovely.
Keira's Birthday card

Would you believe it's the last question so thank you for reading them all and telling me your answers to them too. Day 30: What kind of designs do you like to stitch?
I love stitching flowers, bright bold blooms are my favourites from designers such as Sheila Hudson and Maria Diaz. I have a soft spot for giraffes too and I've 2 kits of them waiting to be stitched. I'll stitch anything really that suits the recipient.

Fellow blogger Cucki is having a giveaway on her blog with some very cute bits up for grabs. Visit it here. It's a lovely blog to read and one of my favourites to visit.

Happy crafting friends. x


  1. Glad you are feeling better Kerry. Such a shame you have reached the end of the questions - I've liked reading your answers. I might just have to 'borrow' them and use them on my blog, it might get me blogging more! :-D

  2. hello dear, me so glad that you are felling better now..i was thinking of you so much..
    lovely stitching and great card..well done..
    i love to stitch fairy, angels, cats,ladies, sampler and country designs..
    thank you so much for posting about my giveaway on your blog..
    keep well dear and have a lovely sunday..xx

  3. 2 great makes, glad your migraines are over x

  4. Glad you're feeling better and enjoying the sun, it's rained all day here so I think we have October back in the north east!

    Love the card with the pot button :-)

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Love both those stitches, especially the card, what a great use of that button!

  6. Hello Kerry. I'm so glad ur feeling better I as sooooo worried about you. :(
    At least you haven't lost ur stitchy bug completely, just don't strain ur eyes too much or you'll be tackling the migraine again!!
    I'm so glad you got ur tickets too, mine are sat here staring at me! I'm so excited!!! :D
    Lickle Ted is coming on so well, I only have the jar and his bottom to stitch!!
    What are you going to be starting next now that you have all ur threads?
    I have an african design up next from WOXS, it will include my first experience of beading!!

    Take care
    Rach xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love the flowers in the basket card, very pretty. I found you through Lori by the way, hope you don't mind another follower :)


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