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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Completed Hydrangea

I'm very pleased to report that I finished the Hydrangea on Friday night (yay!) I'm very pleased with how it turned out so now I need to measure up Hydrangea and my Irises and get them framed and mounted. I have a feeling I will need to have frames made for both of them. We've a good little frame shop in town so I'll pop in and get a quote next time I go into town. I found it quite hard to decide on what to stitch next so I got all the threads ready for the next 4 projects. I think I'll get all the fabby ready for them too today. I'm still waiting for a thread order to come so I decided to start one of the little Disney kits and did Pluto last night. I shall back stitch him tonight and start Donald Duck. I just need to find a day time project that I can do in front of DS.

My friend has asked me to make her a handbag so I went fabric shopping for her yesterday and happened to pick up a few remnants too. The green with rose buds at the top is the fabric for Sarah-Jane's bag. I love this fabric and I will use the left overs to make a bag for me in a different style . As for the remnants, they were all less than £2. The pink checked is for a handbag and cost £1. The cream will make a great lining fabric and was 50p. The cupcake one I have ambitions to make a pram blanket for DD's play buggy. (designing in my head as we speak) The multi coloured one with the hearts and flowers and the green floral print in the middle are the only ones I have no plans for yet.

Time for the penultimate question...Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from stitching?
I Don't think I have any tips that most stitchers don't already know. I prefer to start with the loop method, I usually photocopy my charts so I can mark off on the spare copy. I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you are stitching, it is supposed to be fun after all.  
Thanks for reading and have a lovely Sunday. x


  1. Oh YAY! Congratulations on the hydrangea finish!! It looks stunning, they'll be gorgeous framed as a pair.

    The fabrics are fabulous, you can't miss a bargain like those remnants, love the cupcake one :-)

  2. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee congratulations for finishing the hydrangea..it lovely..a big well done dear :)
    the fabric is really very sweet..i love them so much..the top one is very sweet fabric..one of my fav color..
    keep well and happy sunday xx

  3. well done it's fabulous, looking forward to see what you make with the fabric x

  4. Wow that looks amazing Kerry! Well done! Love all those fabrics, yummy! :)

  5. Hey kerry, sorry I've been so quiet our Internet is down so I'm having to use my phone which is such hard work!!! Lol.

    Could u please let the bubble ladies know I'm having issues? I don't want them to think I have forgotten them.

    I did some stitching tonight but have got to a point where it's time to dig out the light effects, think I'll tackle them tomorrow! Ha ha

    Anyway well done on the hy, it's gorgeous!! I'm loving those fabrics too :) fingers crossed I can fix the Internet over the weekend.

    Big hugs. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. That's an absolutely gorgeous hydrangea! I'm a little biased - it's my favorite flower - but I think you did a fantastic job. :D


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