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Sunday, 4 March 2012

More biscornu and Crafternoon

Hi Everyone,
How are you all this Sunday afternoon? It's a wet old day here and I've gotten wet twice already going back and forth to Church so now I'm home I'm all ready to craft. But what is the question..? Whilst I have a think I'll fill you in about the Biscornu exchange and also how I got on with my Crafternoon.

I had a beautiful biscornu through the post from Ivory and a lovely card too. It really brightens up my biscornu bowl. I love the way Ivory has used a clear button to show the stitching right up to the centre. Here's the top...

And the bottom.

Here is the one I made for Ivory, I remembered she liked purple so I used a pale lilac mottled aida and a dark purple thread to do this blackwork design from an old WOXS. The blackwork garden design library has become a bit of an old faithful and I've stitched a fair few of the designs from it. Here's the top...

And you've guessed it...the bottom! I beaded it in a mill Hill bead that I brought by accident ages ago hoping it would be a matt silver, but they are more of a pinky bronze colour. I knew they'd come in handy at some point!

And so to crafternoon. I was very, very nervous about how it would turn out but I was pleased with how it went. I was joined by 7 crafters doing a wide range of crafts, We had a Knitter, Card maker, 3 doing Decopatch, a lady doing a tapestry and me stitching. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it and we discussed what we wanted the group to be, about the future 'Crafternoons' and chatted at length about each others hobbies. I really want to try Decopatch now. 2 of the ladies had brought some of their finished work and I'd taken my biscornu collection and ATC's so we had a bit of a show and tell too.

Thanks for reading and leaving me comments. I love to read them and it really encourages me to carry on blogging. As for the what to craft question, I think I'll do a little something for Black Pear. xx


  1. Your crafternoon sounds like fun. Love what you have made - it's beautiul x

  2. Fab Biscornu's kerry and I'm so glad your crafternoon went well. At least it's a time for you to meet other people who have similar interests.
    x catherine

  3. Beautiful biscornus! Ivory's is so bright and cheerful- I saw it on bubble and wondered if it was for the exchange, lucky you! Love the blackwork one you made, the colours are gorgeous and the beads work perfectly. That design library is a godsend isn't it! Sounds like crafternoon went really well, I've heard about decopatch, I bet it would be fun to try. Great idea to take your biscornus and ATCs to show and tell. I love seeing other peoples makes. Have a lovely day, lots of love Laura xxx

  4. Wow! Those are two very beautiful biscornu! The blackwork (purplework!?) one is so delicate looking, lovely beads too.
    Glad the crafternoon was good.
    Happy happy crafting ^_^

  5. I've awarded you the Liebster Award : )

  6. Yay - glad your crafternoon went well. Its so nice to sit and craft with other people I think.
    Beautiful biscornu as always too :o)


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