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Saturday, 24 March 2012

NEC Sewing for Pleasure...

= STASH!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, illness in the family and the lack of crafting means I've just not had anything to share so I'm hoping my trip to the NEC on Thursday will give me lots of inspiration and the boost my crafting needed.

I went with my friend Liz and we decided to do some workshops too. I did wire coiling and needle felting with one tutor and made a fabulous fabric brooch/corsage with another.

so here is my lovely, lovely stash.

The heap of fibres are in preparation for a technique Liz is going to teach me so I can use for making stuff for Black Pear, I really fancy a go at Decopatch, so I got a few blanks and some papers for that. The usual aray of buttons, charms, ribbons and other embelishments for the ATCs. I did have another lovely strip of ribbon but I've lost it somewhere (sniff sniff). I also brought the bits I needed to get started in needle felting. So below are the colied beads I made and my two first needle felted beads. I loved doing those and I'm looking forward to making something with them.

Here is my brooch as far as I got with it, despite a few sewing machine issues we were able to get started. there wasn't enough time to get it done but I plan to get it finished over the coming week and maybe try another one. The design brief was:

Machine stitching onto a background of Angelina and painted fabric, edge stitched then beaded and manipulated into an individual and unusual brooch.
The angelina was fab to work with and I've already made my next sheet of it ready for another design and had a go at the fusing with rubber stamps. It hasn't come out very well in this pic and it's still sat on the baking parchment.

I've just found a couple of pics from last week of the lovely display stand my friend Clare gave me. You can see my latest makes, the 3 dogs, Violet, Dot and Spot

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather, we went for another walk in the local woods with the in-laws today and saw a Buzzard and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. It felt lovely to blow the cobwebs out and the children have been loving playing in the garden too.

Well time for bed, especially as the clocks go forward,  I'm at work most of tomorrow, but at least I have plenty of crafting time whilst I'm there. I'll be finishing Laura's ATC's for our little monthly swap.

Take care folks and thanks for reading. xxx


  1. Lovely lovely stash Kerry!!! And fab new makes, those courses sound really interesting. Me and Mum always debate doing courses when we go to shows but somehow the shopping always wins out! Maybe we should think about it next time though. Love the BP makes- especially the spotty dog! ;-) Sounds like a lovely walk- especially the birds you saw. Hope Lottie is on the mend. love Laura xxx

  2. Gorgeous stash, lots of pretty to play with there :-)
    You've been busy making lovely stuff for BP there, all gorgeous!

    Hope everyone is better now

    love Lori xxx

  3. Excellent shopping - good work!!

    And that display stand is an excellent way to show off your creations

  4. Looks like you got some really great stuff! :) And lovely makes too xxx



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