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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Biscornu madness

So here is the February biscornu in all it's glory. I finished it about 10.30 last night. All I can say good job it was a leap year other wise I'd have been late finishing it. It's been my work project for most of the month so I've only grabbed an hour or so a couple of times a week. It was a big design that I put together myself using motifs from Cross stitcher (top) and WOXS (bottom).

I took some photos before I stitched it up so here is the top. Each motif represents a family member born in that particular year - Hubby - Dragon, Me - Snake, Thomas - Rooster and Lottie -Tiger.

And the bottom. I decided to try just stitching the outlines of the Chinese symbols, I don't think it looks too bad. If WOXS are right it should say 'Happy New Year'.

And all stitched up and finished with a little Chinese charm.

And the bottom. I must say that I was worried about the amount of unstitched fabric on both sides but once it was made up and 'buttoned' I think it just keeps it simple.

So here it is with the 'family' in my biscornu bowl. As it's the biggest (62 x62 stitches), it's nestled at the bottom of the bowl along with the15 other residents of the bowl! We had a little visit from Percy Pocketbug too. I expect he'll pop back next week to see my new biscornu from Ivory when it arrives.

Lastly I just want to say a big welcome to my new followers, Thanks for stopping by to read my nonsense. I've decided to have another giveaway when I reach 100 posts so only 27 to go! I just need to decide what to make and get into gear as I'm guessing it'll be about May when I hit the 100.

Kerry. xxx


  1. This is fantastic Kerry. Well done on finishing it. Can't wait to see what you do for March!
    x catherine

  2. Ooooh - I always wondered what shape they were before stitching. I didn't realise it was just two squares - clever! It looks fab all finished :o)

  3. The chinese themed biscornu is so beautiful! All the stitched animals look so intricate :)

  4. That is a really beautiful biscornu. I like how it's so personal to you and your family, it makes it even more lovely.

  5. The biscornu is absolutely gorgeous Kerry! And I love the idea of all the motifs representing the family. I know what you mean about the space on the back- I was rather nervous of doing that at first- but actually I think it can look really sophisticated. Love the biscornu bowl! Percy looks like a very happy bug in there! Looking forward to seeing your biscornu for/from the CB swop. Now it's March I can get started on my biscornu for this month. I'm definitely addicted again! lol. Have a lovely day, Laura xxx

  6. Fabulous biscornu Kerry! The backstitched kanji look great like that and the different animals is a lovely touch.

    Well done on getting done in time too :-)

    Lori xxx


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