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Thursday, 28 June 2012

June ATC's and Wedding Anniversary presents

Hi Everyone,
Weeks have passed again since my last post and no doubt with the amount of crafting I'm doing at the moment there will be a few more to come over the next week or so.

The travelling craft box arrived with me last week (SQUEEEEEEL!) So I'm having a mad making session. I've made about 6 things so far with another half a dozen in the pipeline. Here's a quick peep at some of the amazing items. I've got my eye on 11 items and it works out that I can have at least one item from everyone taking part which is brilliant.

So more about the travelling box in a couple of weeks when it has landed on Lori's doorstep. I actually managed to take part in one of the ATC swaps this month, I will post a pic of my ATC's when I can work out how to get them off my phone, But here are the ones I've received. The themes were transport and Great Britain.

Hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week and here is my present to him. It was meant for a card but as it was 2am when I finished it the night before I gave him the option of what I should do with it. I had the idea of doing it bell pull style. I just need to run it up on the machine when I have 10 mins. The design was from travel the world in cross stitch.

Here is my present from Hubby...I lost my favourite scissors so hubby kindly brought me a replacement. I also had a needle felting pen to speed up my work and a pulled thread book as I'm doing my first piece at the moment and really enjoying it. This Anchor series of books is so good, I'd love the freestyle embroidery one too.

Well back to watching the tennis and half hour of stitching whilst DD finishes her nap. Postie has just been with something rather special for her, which I will share tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. Yay, so excited about the craft box! Lovely ATCs. I haven't participated in the bubble swops for months!! I love the dragon, it'll be fabulous as a bellpull. Lovely presents from hubby! Finally a new pair of scissors!! love Lx

  2. Oo! Happy anniversary to you(a bit late now I know) So excited about the craftbox^_^ Lovely ATCs and that is a gorgeous dragon.
    happy hugs


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