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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Needle felting and a little cross stitch

Hi Folks,
So has anyone else become a footie widow this weekend? I should be thankful really as I can usually get more stitching done.
I've been doing a bit of needle felting this week as I found a few great tutorials. I need to get some more merino tops this week so I can do a very cute dog. I have my eye on a couple of books on Amazon so I can expand my repetoire. So anyhoo here are my first attempts at something other than beads. 

I'm very pleased with how my little Russian dolls turned out and for first attempts I don't think they're too bad considering they are only 1 1/2" big for the lilac one and just under 2" for the blue one.

I also made a little toadstool, again this is only about 1 1/2" tall.

I also had a go at wet felting and here are the beads I made along with the start of a brooch which once I've fixed it together I plan on adding some buttons or beads ( the heart pins will be removed)

I've been stitching a little too and finished this coaster for the Craftbubble swap. Next on the stitching list is an anniversary card for hubby for the end of next week. I shall get it all ready tomorrow ready to take to work on monday evening. 

Lastly check out Jordan's blog for the Great British Giveaway HERE 

Have a fab weekend friends. xxx


  1. Oh wow!! The needle felting is amazing! Especially the little Russian dolls! I'm so impressed. Lovely coaster too. Hope you're having a great weekend xxx

  2. I feel your pain when it comes to the Euro. I've been completely abandoned every night - but it does free you up, doesn't it? Great work on the felting!

  3. I love your needle felting goodies! They are all really beautiful. And your little stitch is very sweet.Look forward to seeing lots more feltie goodies from you. ^_^Oh! And sorry about the link to Textile Garden!teehee! have you now got a 'I need that' list as long as your arm!! I know I have ^_^

  4. Well done on the needlefelting, it's something I've never tried and have no clue about but yours looks great :-)
    Love the coaster too.
    Now i might make you jealous her but my bloke doesn't like football, really, so I never have to watch it! He's a rare find I admit but I found a good 'un there!
    love Lori xx


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