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Friday, 29 June 2012

Lots of lovely goodies through the post

Hi Everyone, 

I've been very blessed this last week or so to have had several lovely parcels delivered by  the postie. I ordered a toadstool house from Lori and here is my wonderful custom design. I asked for a yellow rambling rose, irises and a green door. Here are all the photos from all the angles.

Isn't it fantastic and just in case you've been living in a burrow here is Lori's fantastic blog with links to all her webpages. Her embroidery is just exquisite.

I had a wonderful surprise from Laura last week. She sent me a very cute little crochetted pin cushion and teeny tiny owl charm. I also had some giraffe ribbon and fabric and card toppers. I'm so lucky to have so many talented and generous crafting friends. I've just realised that the pincushion is upside down in the pic, the other side has a funky union jack heart button in the centre.

I had my coaster from the Craftbubble exchange. I'm not really a cat person but this one is rather funky!

Lastly is the uber cute skirt I brought from Kayla's Homemade. It uses vintage Postman Pat fabric and I can't wait to see Lottie in it. Kayla has her own Etsy shop here.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my nonsense!


  1. So glad you liked the toadstool :-) It was fun working out how to stitch irises!

    Lovely goodies from Laura and Kayla, I do like a good post week!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    love Lori xxx

  2. Fabulous toadstool- of course! Love the irises. The skirt is gorgeous. Glad you liked all the goodies :-) love Lx

  3. That is a really lovely skirt!Brilliant fabric. Lori and Laura always make such beautiful things that are always a joy to get in the post.Very sweet kitty coaster too.


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