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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Postal Goodness!!!

So did everyone watch the Olympic opening ceremony. I thought it was amazing, and the James Bond bit with the Queen was jaw dropping! Once again I'm proud to be British, unfortunatly we don't have tickets for anything but we'll be watching when we can.

As I have said many times before, I have very generous crafting friends and these parcels have arrived through the post recently from Laura and from Steph.

Laura sent me these goodies as a thank you for her birthday presents...

I have already got an idea for the felt owl and the little bag was filled with buttons, bells, charms and ami eyes.  The parcel also had a little craft kit in for Thom as he made Laura a birthday present. He must have been doing it today as he wanted to add some glitter to it and that's probably why he had glitter all over his face at tea!

Steph kindly sent me a huge bag of beads for my friend Jennie who is off to work in a Thai orphanage next week so she can make jewellery with the girls and give them skills for when they need to work.  Steph in all her generosity sent me a little goodie bag too. There was a huge bundle of merino wool for needle felting, some lovely charms and beads including 2 Hello Kitty ones and owl ribbon. Steph made a very sweet Forever Friends card and crochetted me a fab monster that opened up and had all this inside (he was clearly a stash eating monster!)

So there were more buttons and beads, butterfly sequins (I have a perfect project for those and the little pink beads) ribbon, felt shapes, a crochetted flower and an oh-so cute bunny bell.

Lastly postie brought me another parcel from Laura with goodies from her holiday in Northunberland.

So (deep breath) The little pocket cross was from St Aidan's in Bamburgh, The card it is on has a prayer on the back too. The Keep Calm magnet is from Barter Books where the WWII poster was rediscovered a few years ago. The card and leaflet on the top right are from Holy Island. Laura also included a stick of rock from Seahouses and animal stickers. Below is a close up of some of the other goodies.

There was a little bag of buttons, a wirework heart charm, a close up of the pocket cross, a funky beaded friendship bracelet in my favourite colour and a cute little plaque saying "Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time" how apt is that. Laura even sent my son a keyring with his name on. He was so excited.

Right despite the late hour I'm going to do an hour's stitching before bed. I have a plan to be able to show you 3 biscornu by the 1st August. I completed one yesterday, I have a second to sew up and the third to stitch the bottom for and then sew up but it is a very big one. Will I do it????? Place your bets now!!!!

A huge thank you to Steph and Laura again for such generous gifts and thanks to everyone for reading. Two weeks until my blogversary and my giveaway!!


  1. So glad you liked everything! Can't wait to see all your biscornus! You're giving me a push to get back on with mine!!!

  2. Wow everything is so lovely..
    Enjoy them xxx

  3. Woo! Lots of goodies ^_^ Glad you liked the bits n bobs. Yes! The crafty monsters can be very naughty at snaffling crafty goods! Best keep him somewhere where he can't get to your stash ^_^ Lots of lovely treats from Laura. I thought the opening ceremony was amazing! So beautiful.Look forward to seeing your new biscornu.

  4. Lots of lovely goodies :-) I got a lovely parcel from Laura too from her holiday, I know all the places as they aren't far from me!
    Looking forward to seeing the biscornus and I do think you'll make it :-)
    Lori xx


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