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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sam, Biscornu and Nan's crafts

Hi Folks,
Apologies for the radio silence again, Hubby has decided to change internet providers so we have a 2 week window with no internet...Grrrr! So I'm over at Mum's armed with the laptop with the intention of writing 2 or 3 blog posts and scheduling them over the next few days as I have a few things to share with you.

A few weeks ago I shared about Mum's Collie that we sadly lost. Well Mum couldn't be without a dog for long so introducing...SAM. He's an 8 week old Sprocker and is totally adorable.

Last week Sarah in Stitches wrote a post about the influence of her grandmother in her crafting. I was quite inspired and thought I'd share a couple of things my Nan made for me. I treasure this blanket she made for me, using oddments of wool, the wonderful thing is I can see some of the wools and they remind me of things Nan had knitted too such as the darker green which was the left overs from a cardie she wore.

When both my grandparents passed away, Mum found this tapestry that Nan had started. Mum brought it home and I completed it. I'd only been stitching about 6 months by that point so I learnt as I went along, matching the tapestry wools and learning the difference between tent and half cross stitch.

I also got my July biscornu done too last week. I'd seen a picture on t'internet of crochetted biscornu and so I decided to enlist the help of Lori to crochet me a couple of granny squares as I still cannot crochet for toffee. She made me two styles and two sizes, so I whipped them up into biscornu.

I since have put on a couple of buttons and you can see them in my Ami basket (sort of). The green one has a lovely wooden giraffe button on the front and a plain green on the back. The pink and yellow one has a butterfly on the front and I can't remember what I put on the back (oops!)

Well, I shall leave it here and get back to the Tennis final (soooooo exciting!) Thanks for reading. xxx


  1. Ooo! I'm the first to say Awwwww! Sam is so sweet!
    Loved reading about your Nan and seeing the blanket she made and the tapestry you finished. Gorgeous granny square biscornu!!You might need a bigger basket ^_^
    all the best to you

  2. awww sam is truly so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i also love reading about your nan and the blanket is so lovely..
    the tapestry is so lovely too..
    the biscornou's are super cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    aww the whole basket is full of yummy treasure..
    big hugs xxx

  3. Your grandmother's blanket is gorgeous! I'm a bit jealous that you have something that beautiful to remember her by - I think I might harass extended family to see if anyone has anything of my grandmother's...

    And "can't crochet for toffee" - I love it! That's the funniest expression. :D

  4. The blanket and tapestry are gorgeous, thanks for sharing, it's so lovely to share crafts with family isn't it! I love your basket of goodies and your crocheted biscornu, they are brilliant! And wow how cute is Sam!! :D Adorable!!!

  5. Catching up and there's the biscornu's done! They look great!
    Love the blanket your grandmother made and how lovely that you remember the cardigan she wore from the square in green :-)
    Oh yes and musn't forget, AWWWWWW!!! Sam is the cutest!!!
    Lori xxxx


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